RP.1849 - Dec 2018


  • Be sure to read the New York State Data Warehouse changes at the bottom of this article for information on important updates that have been made to extracts.

Important Changes

  • Portal Display Options, and Modified Campus Student, Campus Parent Updates (SIS-121433) [Enhancement]

    • Portal Display Options 
      New Display Options have been added for Contact Preferences. Users can now mark whether to Allow update of personal email and Allow update of personal phone numbers.

      • The ability to allow the update of email was included when the Contact Preferences option was marked. Now, district administrators can select to show Contact Preferences and also allow the updates of the phone number, and/or the email option.
      • When these options are turned on and the parent or student submits an update for the phone or email, a confirmation message displays explaining the change has been made.
    • Portal Self Service Options 

      New Self Service Options for Family Data have been added. Administrators can mark the Allow Change Requests for parents to update household information, and mark the options to allow parents to update email and phone numbers automatically. Changes made on the Portal for this information are automatically updated and does not require staff to process the change through the Portal Request Processor.

    • Campus Student/Campus Parent Updates
      • Contact Preferences - Fields have been added to the Contact Preferences view for email and secondary email addresses, cell, work and other phone numbers. These display when the Portal Preference (see above) is marked.
      • Behavior Updates - The Behavior view has been made more user friendly when viewing on a mobile device.
      • Responsive Scheduling - The Responsive Scheduling view has been made more user friendly when viewing on a mobile device.

        Article(s): Campus Parent Portal

        Path: N/A

  • Campus Parent & Campus Student Updates (SIS-122348) [Enhancement]

    The following updates were made to Campus Student/Campus Parent:

    • Students can add comments on submissions in assignments.
    • A Grading Key displays for grades, indicating the grading scale or rubric options.
    • Custom tools with a type of External URL now display in More.
    • Team Name has been added to the Course detail, if present.
    • Added Early Release attendance records to the Attendance tool.
    • Various cosmetic updates and bug fixes.

      The following updates were made in Campus in support of the parent and student tools:
    • The User Account Type Wizard now includes Campus Student and Campus Parent as Homepage types.

      Article(s): Campus StudentCampus ParentUser Account Type Wizard

      Path: Campus Student, Campus Parent, System Administration > User Security > Batch and Import Wizards > User Account Type Wizard

Teacher Updates

  • No updates were included in this release that directly impact teachers.

Other Changes

  • SSRS Reports with a Pass User Session Setting of None Not Running After Student Selected in Campus (SIS-116091)

    Custom outline links were incorrectly appending a X-XSRF-TOKEN to the URL if the port was included in the URL and the URL is the DNS as Campus. This issue was causing cloud-hosted SSRS reports to no longer work. This issue has been corrected.

    Article: Outline Links

    Path: System Administration > Custom > Outline Links 

New York State Data Warehouse

  • SIRS Course Instructor Assignment Update (SIS-121823)

    The Term Code element was incorrectly reporting the first term in which a student ended the section. This was corrected and now the Term Code element reports the Term Code of the last term in which the class is scheduled.

    Article(s): SIRS Course Instructor Assignment (New York)

    Path: NY State Reporting > SIRS Extracts > Course Instructor Assignment