RP.1845 - Nov 2018


  • Be sure to read the New York State Data Warehouse changes at the bottom of this article for information on important updates that have been made to extracts.

Important Changes

  • Immunization Updates (SIS-121183)

    Default grade based rules have been added to the DTaP, Polio, MMR, Hib, Varicella, and Tdap immunizations for New York.

    Article: New York Immunization Rules

    Path: System Administration > Health > Vaccines

  • Staging and Sandbox Sites  (SIS-121498)

    Staging and Sandbox sites have been updated so that the banner is orange instead of green.

    Article(s): N/A

    Path: Staging and Sandbox sites 

  • Campus Portal Username Added to Demographics (SIS-110122) [Enhancement] 

    The Portal Username field has been added to the Person Identifiers section of the Demographics tab.

    For users with proper tool rights to the User Account tool or who have an SIS Product Security role, the displayed Portal Username will become a hyperlink that when selected, will redirect you to the user's User Account tab.

    Article: Demographics

    Path: Census > People > Demographics > Portal Username

Teacher Updates

  • No updates were included in this release that directly impact teachers.

Other Changes

  • Attendance Letter - Requalification (SIS-119523) [Enhancement] 

    A new checkbox, Allow Letter Requalification, has been added to the Attendance Letter Criteria selection that allows a letter to generate a second time (or third time, etc.) for a student when that student meets the criteria of that letter after initially receiving the same letter.

    Attendance events that caused the letter to trigger for the student the first time are not considered when re-qualifying the student for a second letter.

    A Previously Qualified column displays on the Preview/Print view, indicating when the student last qualified and/or last received the same letter. The Qualified Date is also included in the PLP Contact Log entry for the printed letter.

    Article: Attendance Letters

    Path: Attendance > Attendance Letters

  • Attendance Letter - Export to CSV (SIS-119744) [Enhancement] 

    When previewing or printing attendance letters, the list of students who receive a certain letter can now be exported to a CSV file.

    Article: Attendance Letters

    Path: Attendance > Attendance Letters

  • Attendance Letter - Qualification Date and Course (SIS-120076) [Enhancement] 

    Qualification Date and Qualification Course options have been added to the Campus Fields selector for inclusion in an Attendance Letter.

    When included in the Format of an Attendance Letter, the date on which the student met the criteria of the letter and the course where the student was marked absent that caused the letter to trigger for the student are listed on the letter.

    Article: Attendance Letters

    Path: Attendance > Attendance Letter Wizard

  • Attendance Letters - Multi-Calendar Selection (SIS-120167) [Enhancement] 

    Attendance Letters that use the interval of by Term or by Course/Term now have an additional option allowing users to save term interval options for multiple calendars all on one screen. These letters can also be set up when All Schools is selected in the navigation bar.

    On the Letter Criteria screen, enter the criteria for the school selected in the Campus toolbar. Then, expand the plus sign for Select terms for additional calendars. Choose the terms for the desired school(s), and finish entering letter criteria.

    Article: Attendance Letters

    Path: Attendance > Attendance Letters

  • Grading Tasks and Standards Bank - Expanded Window (SIS-109392) [Enhancement] 

    The window that lists the Grading Tasks and Standards has been increased to show the entire name of the task or standard, and any child tasks or standards, without having to scroll.

    Article: Standards BankGrading Tasks (Grading and Standards)

    Path: Grading and Standards > Grading Tasks, Standards Bank

  • OneRoster - Ended Teacher and Administrator Records (SIS-118552)

    The OneRoster API has been updated to no longer include records for staff members who employment assignments have an End Date prior to the beginning of the current school year.

    Article(s): OneRoster API

    Path: No Specific Path

  • OneRoster - Performance (SIS-121234)

    Updates have been made to receiving final grades through the OneRoster API to improve performance.

    Article(s): OneRoster API

    Path: No Specific Path

  • Contact Preferences for Campus Student, Campus Parent (SIS-115725) [Enhancement] 

    Contact Preferences are now available on Campus Student and Campus Parent.

    Article: Campus StudentCampus Parent

    Path: Campus Student, Campus Parent

  • Health Information for Campus Student, Campus Parent (SIS-115727) [Enhancement] 

    Health Immunization information is now available on Campus Student and Campus Parent.

    Article: Campus Student, Campus Parent

    Path: Campus Student, Campus Parent

  • Campus Student & Campus Parent Updates (SIS-121498) [Enhancement] 

    The following updates have been made to and in support of the Campus Student and Campus Parent apps:

    • An option has been added to the mobile and web apps that allows users to log out of mobile devices they're logged into, should those devices be lost or replaced.
    • Transportation custom data now displays.
    • An link to download or open mobile apps has been added for users accessing the web application from a mobile device.
    • Article(s): Campus StudentCampus Parent, Client Statistics Report

      Path: Campus Student, Campus Parent

    • Term GPA has been added to the Grades screen.
    • Customized HTML text entered in the Display Options now display on the Attendance, Schedule, Transportation, and Reports screens.
    • The Client Statistics Report in System Administration has been updated to report based on Campus Student/Parent home pages and the devices used to access mobile apps. The Screen Size section of this report was removed as this data is no longer collected.
    • An indicator of new announcements has been added.
    • Course comments have been added to the Course screen.
    • Previously, parents who were also staff members were seeing staff messages in the parent app. This has been corrected.
    • Various other cosmetic and small changes.

New York State Data Warehouse

  • SIRS Extract Editor Field Update (SIS-120009) [Enhancement] 

    The Effective Date field was removed from the following extract editors.

  • Course Instructor Assignment Update (SIS-121206)

    Staff History records were reporting when the staff member's Staff History End Date fell before the class started. This issue was corrected.

    Article(s): SIRS Course Instructor Assignment (New York)

    Path: NY State Reporting > SIRS Extracts > Course Instructor Assignment

  • SIRS Programs Fact Updates (SIS-121253)

    The following issues were addressed.

    • A problem was occurring where homeless and homeless services information was not reporting correctly. This issue was fixed.
    • Logic for reporting Program Eligibility codes was updated to report a distinct NYSED code from the FRAM record with the next highest Eligibility Start Date.
    • The values for the Primary Night Time Residence element were updated to match New York standards.

      Article(s): SIRS Programs Fact (New York)

      ​​​​​​​Path: NY State Reporting > SIRS Extracts > Programs Fact; System Administration > Custom > Attribute/Dictionary > Homeless > Primary Night Time Residence