RP.1837 - Sep 2018


  • Be sure to read the New York State Data Warehouse changes at the bottom of this article for information on important updates that have been made to extracts.

Important Changes

  • UI Styling Updates (SIS-120152) [Enhancement] 

    In Campus.1829, Student Information > General and Census > People tabs were updated with a new styling that was cleaner. Additional updates have been made that tone down the amount of whiteness in the tabs.

    • An inset shadow has been added on form inputs.
    • A dropshadow has been added to buttons.
    • A blue border displays on elements of focus (the selected field highlights in blue).
      New IC Styling

      Article: N/A
      Path: Student Information > General; Census > People
  • Immunization Compliance Rules Updated (SIS-113427)

    All vaccine immunization compliance rules for New York have been converted from grade based to age based rules.

    Article: New York Immunization Rules

    Path: System Administration > Health > Vaccines

  • Teacher Updates: 

    This release contains at least one update that relates to teaching staff.  Expand the "Teacher Updates" area below to see more.
  • New Primary Instruction Language Field Added to Section Editor Screen (SIS-118920)

    A new field called Primary Instruction Language was added to Scheduling > Courses > Sections > Section. This new field identifies the Primary language used for providing instruction in the course. For Bilingual courses, this is the language other than English that is being used.  This field is used by the NY SIRS Course Instructor Assignment extract which reports data to NY State.
    Section Primary Language Field

    **See the "New York State Data Warehouse Section that appears lower in this article for more information.

  • New Homeless Module Added to the Student Information>Program Participation Module (SIS-118922)

    The Homeless Module is now available within the Student Information>Program Participation Module and has been localized for districts in New York. As part of this enhancement, a record will be passed in the SIRS Student Lite template for each student whom has:

    • An Enrollment with a Service Type of P:Primary

    • An active record in the new "Homeless" module

      The following fields that previously appeared on the "Enrollments" tab of the student record were deprecated:

  • Campus Parent - Self-Service Tools Now Available (SIS-115720) [Enhancement] 

    Self-service functionality is now available for Campus Parent users.

    This functionality is also available for Campus Student users, however students do not have the ability to submit requests for updates (unless they are considered their own guardian).

    Article: Campus Parent Portal

    Path: Campus Parent

Teacher Updates

  • New - Copy Scores Tool (SIS-119605) [Enhancement] 

    The new Copy Scores tool allows teachers to copy scores for students who were transferred from one section to another. Students' scores can move with them, without requiring teachers to manually re-enter scores to accommodate schedule changes.

    Using this tool, teachers can review assignments and scores from the student's previous section and map scores to unscored assignments in the new section. Scores can be copied if the previous and current sections are taught by the same teacher, have the same course number, or have the same course name. Teachers can also view the Student Summary report for the student's previous section to review assignments and scores.

    Article(s): Copy Scores

    Path: Campus Instruction > Grade Book > Settings > Copy Scores

Other Changes

  • Attendance Letters by Date Range (SIS-113082) [Enhancement] 

    Attendance Letters can be created and generated based on a range of dates. When the Date Range interval is selected, users can enter the total number of days for the letter. The number of days can be in either calendar days or Attendance Days.

    The Date Range interval option is available for the following letter types:

    • Period Marks
    • Course Marks
    • Whole/Half Day Absences
    • Exact Day Count
    • Single Day Count
    • Specified Date Range fields can be added to the Letter Format using the available fields in the Campus Fields options for Attendance Letter Criteria.

      The start/end date of the letter is included when the letter is added to the student's PLP Contact Log.

      Article: Attendance Letters

      Path: Attendance > Attendance Letters

  • Attendance Letters - Letters Across Terms (SIS-118627) [Enhancement] 

    A new checkbox, called Total Across All Checked Terms, has been added to the By Course/Term interval and By Term interval. This checkbox allows attendance letters to consider absences for all of the selected terms. For example, if the qualification criteria for a letter is three absences with Quarter 1 and Quarter 2 selected, and the checkbox is marked, the student qualifies for a letter when there are three absences total in Quarters 1 and 2. If the checkbox is not marked, the student qualifies for the letter when there are three absences in either Quarter 1 or Quarter 2.

    For letters using the Course/Term intervals, this checkbox displays when the letter type is Period Marks or Course Marks. For letters using the Term interval, the checkbox displays for all letters types except Absenteeism Level.

    To preserve current functionality, the checkbox is automatically marked on existing letters that use the Term interval. For existing letters that use the Course/Term interval, the checkbox is not automatically marked.

    Article: Attendance Letters

    Path: Attendance > Attendance Letters

  • Behavior History Tool Right (SIS-114385) [Enhancement] 

    A new Behavior History tool right has been added to Student Information Behavior. This tool right allows users to see historical and current year student behavior information as long as they have at least Read rights to the student's enrollment calendar.

    System Administrators need to assign this tool right to appropriate users upon taking this release.

    Article: Tool Rights (Behavior)

    Path: Student Information > General > Behavior

  • Updates to OneRoster Grading Services (SIS-119331)

    The OneRoster Grading Services tab has been updated so that there must be a school-level or district-level license to Campus Learning in the district to view this tab.

    Article(s): OneRoster Grading Services

    Path: System Administration > Learning Interoperability > Grading Services


  • Campus Student & Campus Parent Updates (SIS-119701) [Enhancement] 

    The following updates have been made to Campus Student and Campus Parent:

    • Added an Important Dates list to communicate Day Events.
    • Renamed 'Announcements' as 'Message Center' and added Inbox messages.
    • Added an option for users to stay logged in.
    • Added student pictures if Display Options is set to allow them.
    • Updated the display of grades to follow Display Options settings.
    • Added Start Dates to the Schedule view.
    • Moved Notifications Settings to the user menu.
    • Added the option of marking notifications as read.

      Article(s): Campus StudentCampus Parent
      Path: Campus Student, Campus Parent
  • Custom Forms Preview Draft Forms (SIS-118741) [Enhancement] 

    A new preview function has been added to allow form administrators to preview draft forms before publishing. This allows users to troubleshoot and test custom forms before the form becomes available to fill out for a person.

    Article: Custom Forms (Counseling)Custom Forms (Gifted and Talented)Custom Forms (Health)Custom Forms (ILPA)Custom Forms (PLP)Custom Forms (RTI)Custom Forms (Special Ed)

    Path: Student Information > Module > Custom Forms

  • National Records Exchange Updated to Allow for Duplicate District Numbers (SIS-95119) [Enhancement] 

    The National Records Exchange has been updated to allow for duplicate district numbers. This update alleviates the problems some districts were having where they were unable to complete the NRE registration process because they have the same district number with another district in the state or in the country.

    Article: National Records Exchange

    Path: System Administration > Data Utilities > National Records Exchange

  • Requests Satisfied Report (SIS-111171) [Enhancement] 

    The following modifications have been made to the Requests Satisfied Report:

    • An ad hoc filter can now be selected on the Report editor to narrow the student selection. This selection affects the Roster and Request data.
    • Submit to Batch functionality has been added to the report, letting the user select when the report generates.
    • The report now sorts by Department name, then Course Number.

      Article: Requests Satisfied
      Path: Scheduling > Reports > Requests Satisfied
  • Schedule Wizard - Lock Courses by Grade Level (SIS-118619) [Enhancement] 

    When loading course requests, users can now lock and unlock loaded requests for a specific grade level. Choose the Lock Rosters and Unlock Rosters from the Loading menu on the White Board, or right-click on a Course, Section, Term, Department, or Period to lock and unlock rosters.

    Article: White Board (Schedule Wizard)Loading Tools (Schedule Wizard)

    Path: Scheduling > Schedule Wizard > Trial Selection > White Board > Loading, Scheduling > Schedule Wizard > Trial Selection > White Board

  • Schedule Wizard - Load Courses/Sections by Gender (SIS-118723) [Enhancement] 

    Courses and Sections can now be loaded by Grade and by Gender. This option is available when right-clicking on either the course or the section, and choosing Loading.

    Article: White Board (Schedule Wizard)

    Path: Scheduling > Schedule Wizard > Trial Selection > White Board

  • Schedule Wizard - Lock/Unlock Terms in Future Calendars (SIS-118807) [Enhancement] 

    Locked and unlocked term settings can now be saved for future calendars on the Trial Selection screen. Trials in past and current calendars must still be unlocked to make changes in the Schedule Wizard, but those settings cannot be saved (they revert back to a locked state when the trial is closed).

    Article: Trials (Schedule Wizard)

    Path: Scheduling > Schedule Wizard > Trial Selection

New York State Data Warehouse

  • SIRS Programs Fact Updates (SIS-115614)

    The following changes were made to the SIRS Programs Fact for 2018-2019 reporting.

    • Records carried over from previous years will now use the student's earliest Enrollment Start Date as the program Beginning Date instead of a hardcoded July 1st date.
    • A new Calculate 0198 Records checkbox has been added to the extract editor. When the Calculate 0198 Records checkbox is selected, a 0198 Poverty record generates for each Free and Reduced Programs Fact record.
    • The report now retrieves homeless program information from the new Homeless tab.
    • PROGRAM PROVIDER TYPE CODE is no longer a filler field and now reports Homeless Nighttime Residence.
    • Full Academic Year Date was not used by any reports and has been removed from all SIRS Extracts.
    • Grade Selector was not used by Attendance Codes, Course, or Location Marking Period and has been hidden for those Extract Types.

      Article(s): SIRS Programs Fact (New York)
      Path: NY State Reporting > SIRS Extracts > Programs Fact

  • SIRS Course Instructor Assignment Updates (SIS-118920)

    A new element called PRIMARY COURSE INSTRUCTION LANGUAGE INDICATOR (PRIMARY INSTRUCTION LANGUAGE CODE) was added to the SIRS Course Instructor Assignment extract and reports from the new Primary Instruction Language field. Another new report element called ALTERNATIVE INSTRUCTION LANGUAGE CODE was added to the extract; however, this element reports blank.

    Article(s): SIRS Course Instructor Assignment (New York)

    Path: NY State Reporting > SIRS Extracts > Course Instructor Assignment

  • SIRS Student Lite Updates (SIS-118922)

    The Homeless and Homeless Primary Nighttime Residence elements on the SIRS Student Lite extract are now just filler fields.  Data from Infinite Campus will no longer be sent in these fields (they will send to the state blank).

    Article(s): SIRS Student Lite (New York)Homeless and Homeless Services (New York)

    Path: NY State Reporting > SIRS Extracts > Student Lite; Student Information > Program Participation > Homeless