RP.1833 - Aug 2018


  • Be sure to read the New York State Data Warehouse changes at the bottom of this article for information on important updates that have been made to extracts.

Important Changes

  • New Learning Interoperability Module (SIS-117985)

    The OneRoster and Grading Services tabs have been moved from Campus Learning to a new Learning Interoperability folder in System Administration. Districts or schools who have Campus Learning licenses can access these tools and enable connections to Grading Services Partners. Campus Learning is not required for OneRoster Provisioning connections.

    Article(s): LTI Configuration

    Path: System Administration > Learning Interoperability > Grading Services

  • New Civil Rights Data Collection (CRDC) Submission Flat File Tool and Additional Modules (SIS-117911) [Enhancement] 

    The Submission Flat File tool allows users to generate a CSV report in the accepted flat file format that can be uploaded to the CRDC system.

    Results can now be generated, viewed, and maintained for the remaining modules: 
    • APIB: Advanced Placement (AP) & International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IB) Enrollment 
    • EXAM: SAT/ACT & Advanced Placement (AP) Exams 
    • STAF: School & School Support Staff 
    • SECR: School Security Staff 
    • RETN: Retention 
    • ATHL: Single-Sex Interscholastic Athletics 
    • DISC: Student Discipline (Suspension, Expulsion, Corporal Punishment) 
    • ARRS: Student Discipline (Referrals to Law Enforcement & School-Related Arrests) 
    • OFFN: Offenses 
    • HIBS: Harassment or Bullying 
    • RSTR: Restraint & Seclusion 
    • EXPD: School Expenditures (Personnel and Non-Personnel) 
    • JUST: Justice Facilities 
    • INET: Internet Access and Devices

      Articles: Civil Rights Data Collection (CRDC) Quick Start GuideCRDC Submission Flat FileMaintain CRDC Survey Results

      Path: Federal Reporting > Civil Rights Data Collection (CRDC) > Reports > Submission Flat File; Federal Reporting > Civil Rights Data Collection (CRDC) > Maintain Survey Results


  • Keyboard Navigation Updates Made to Campus (SIS-115875)

    In an effort to make Campus more accessible for all users, the following keyboard navigation updates were made:

    • Alt-Shift-S – This will open the Student Search and focus on search input
    • Alt-Shift-C – This will open the context picker and focus on the first field
    • Alt-Shift-U – This will open the index and focus on tools within the index
    • Alt-Shift-Q – This will log the user out of Campus
    • Alt-Shift- > (angle bracket) and Alt-Shift-< (angle bracket) – This will move to the next or previous selection in the Student Search
    • Alt-Shift-T – This will set the focus on the active tab

      Article: N/A
      Path: No Specific Path
  • Schedule Wizard - New Font Size Options (SIS-118742) [Enhancement] 

    Users can now select a desired font size of the White Board, to make it easier to see placed sections, roster counts, etc.

    A Font Size option has been added to the list of View options on the White Board. Select Small, Medium, Large or Very Large.

    Article: White Board (Schedule Wizard)

    Path: Scheduling > Schedule Wizard

Teacher Updates

  • No updates were included in this release that directly impact teachers.

Other Changes

  • Campus Student/Parent Updates (SIS-117969) [Enhancement] 

    The following updates have been made to Campus Student and/or Campus Parent:

    • Added Reports tool.
    • Attendance Comments now display with attendance events, if the Portal Preference is set to show comments.
    • Update the Schedule tool to include a term selector for navigating to previous and future terms.
    • Custom tabs were added to Campus Student and Parent. Single screen editor, List element editor and Table editor tab types are supported.
    • A new Assignments screen shows all of a student's assignments, including past and upcoming assignments.
    • Additionally, the following issues were corrected:

      • Locker data only displays once for each school.
      • No Show enrollments no longer display.
      • Transportation data only display once per calendar.
      • Addressed issues with Notifications Settings slider on small screens.
      • Addressed minor issues with uploading Google Drive files.

        Article(s): Campus Student PortalCampus Parent Portal
        Path: Campus Student, Campus Parent
  • Campus Student/Parent - Student Schedules (SIS-118692)

    Student schedules are now available to view in Campus Student and Campus Parent as soon as the student has a schedule in the active school year, instead of on the first day of school. The Schedule option must be set in Portal Preferences to display; unmark this preference to hide schedules until they are finalized.

    Article(s): Campus StudentCampus Parent, Display Options

    Path: Campus Student; Campus Parent; System Administration > Portal > Preferences > Display Options

  • Attendance Letter - Multiple Language Options (SIS-116510) [Enhancement] 

    Attendance Letters can now be generated in multiple languages. The Letter Format screen allows text for a letter to be entered in English, then Additional languages can be marked and translated text entered into the WYSIWYG editor. When a language is marked as active and that language is assigned to a person as their Preferred Language, a letter generates in that language for that individual.

    Multiple Language letters have also been added to the following letter wizards:

    • Account Letters Designer (System Administration > User Security > Batch and Import Wizards > Account Letter Designer)
    • Behavior Letters (Behavior > Behavior Letter Wizards)
    • Letter Designer (Ad hoc Reporting > Letter Designer)
    • Preferred Language

      Preferred Language is selected on the Personal Contact Information section of the Demographics tab. This is now a core field for all districts, all states. Previously, this field was only available for districts using Email Messenger. Portal users can also select their desired language on the Contact Preferences tool.

      Languages are added in the Attribute/Dictionary. Letters default to the en_US: US English language code. If that code does not exist, the letter is locked and cannot be modified until the en_US language code is added.

      This is not a translation tool. Districts will need to translate the letters as they normally would. Once the translation is approved by the district, users can copy that translated text into the WYSIWYG editor.

      Article: Attendance Letters

      Path: Attendance > Attendance Letters

  • Behavior Referral Notification - Email Selection (SIS-116825)

    When a user has two emails available in the Demographic Personal Contact Information section, that user receives two notifications of a Behavior Referral. This has been corrected. Users can now select to which email address a Behavior Referral Notification is sent.

    New options have been added to the Personal Contact Information section on Demographics, Campus Portal Message Contact Preferences, Messenger Contact Preferences Batch, and Demographics Data Report:

    • The Behavior column is now Behavior Messenger.
    • A new Behavior Referral column has been added. This only displays when the selected individual has an active District Assignment record.
    • Both phone and email information can be marked. Only the email that is marked to receive Behavior Referral notices is sent an email.
    • Article: Preferences (Behavior)DemographicsContact Preferences BatchCampus Parent

      Path: Behavior > Admin > Preferences; Census > People > Demographics > Personal Contact Information; System Administration > Messenger > Contact Preferences Batch; Campus Parent

      On the Behavior Preferences editor, when the Notify the person who entered the referral when a resolution has been assigned option is set to Yes, the notification is sent to the email marked as Behavior Referral Messenger.

  • OneRoster Provisioning - Active Dates (SIS-118604)

    Previously, students with Enrollment Start Dates and teachers with District Assignment Start Dates in the future were reported wiht a status of 'ToBeDeleted' in OneRoster Provisioning. This has been corrected so that districts can provision records prior to the start of school.

    Article(s): OneRoster API

    Path: No Specific Path

  • Custom Forms Usability Enhancements (SIS-117784) [Enhancement] 

    The Custom Forms tool has been enhanced to make the workflow more user friendly. These usability updates to the System Administration Custom Forms area include:

    • The name of the form entered into the Name field displays at the top of the wizard.
    • Renaming the Associated Forms field to Form Count.
    • Reorganizing several screens to streamline the workflow, including the Upload and Prepopulate Fields screen.
    • Wording has been updated to make instructions, warnings, and error messages more clear.
    • The data selector on the Documents tab has also been updated to allow sorting of the data pulling into prepopulated fields.
    • The number of errors now displays at the top of the Database Table Designer. When selected, the user is navigated to the next error.

      Article: Custom Forms (Counseling)Custom Forms (Gifted and Talented)Custom Forms (Health)Custom Forms (ILPA)Custom Forms (PLP)Custom Forms (RTI)Custom Forms (Special Ed)

      Path: System Administration > Module > Custom Forms; Student Information > Module > General > Documents > Create Custom Form

  • Locker Schedule Wizard, Locker Scheduler Report - Gender (SIS-117599)

    The Locker Schedule Wizard has been modified to use the Identity Gender field when assigning lockers by gender. This only uses the Gender field (Census > People > Identities > Gender), not the Legal Gender field (Census > People > Identities > Protected Identity Information > Legal Gender).

    The option for "Assign in random boy-girl order" is now "Assign in random gender order." The option for "Assign in alphabetical boy-girl order is now "Assign in alphabetical gender order."

    The Locker Scheduler Report that generates after assigning lockers has also been updated to use the Identity > Gender field.

    Article: Locker Schedule Wizard

    Path: System Administration > Lockers > Locker Schedule Wizard

  • Response to Intervention Custom Forms Added (SIS-118354) [Enhancement] 

    The Custom Forms tool has been added to the Response to Intervention module in System Administration. This allows users to link supplemental RTI documents to a student's record using the RTI Documents tab.

    Article: Custom Forms (RTI)

    Path: System Administration > Response to Intervention > Custom Forms; Student Information > Response to Intervention > General > Documents > Create Custom Form

New York State Data Warehouse

  • SIRS Course Instructor Assignment Update (SIS-118096)

    The SIRS Course Instructor Assignment was reporting courses/sections that did not have any active roster records. This was corrected.

    Article(s): SIRS Course Instructor Assignment (New York)

    Path: NY State Reporting > SIRS Extracts > Course Instructor Assignment