RP.1829 - Jul 2018


  • Be sure to read the New York State Data Warehouse changes at the bottom of this article for information on important updates that have been made to extracts.

Important Changes

  • Student Information and Census User Interface Refresh (SIS-115810) [Enhancement] 

    An updated styling has been applied to all available tools within Student Information General and Census People. This is a cosmetic change only, no functionality has been modified.

    Article: N/A

    Path: Student Information > General, Student Information > Health, PLP, Special Ed, Counseling > General, Census > People

  • New Civil Rights Data Collection (CRDC) Tools (SIS-116077) [Enhancement] 

    Two new CRDC tools are being released to assist users in reporting CRDC data.

    The Generate Survey Results tool allows users to generate CRDC results based off the Category Mappings created in the CRDC Setup tool. Users are able to generate results for selected modules and schools.

    The Maintain Survey Results tool allows users to view and edit CRDC survey results.

    Currently, results can only be generated for the following modules: 
    • SCHR: School Characteristics 
    • PSCH: Preschool 
    • ENRL: Enrollment 
    • PENR: Program Enrollment 
    • COUR: Courses & Classes

    Additional modules will be introduced in future releases.

    Articles: Civil Rights Data Collection (CRDC) Quick Start Guide; Generate CRDC Survey ResultsMaintain CRDC Survey Results

    Path: Federal Reporting > Civil Rights Data Collection (CRDC) > Generate Survey Results; Federal Reporting > Civil Rights Data Collection (CRDC) > Maintain Survey Results

  • Custom Form Workflow and Enhancement (SIS-116423) [Enhancement] 

    The Custom Forms tool has been redesigned and several new features have been added for all districts.

    • The Custom Form creation process has been redesigned into a workflow wizard.
    • A new form type, Interactive with Database Table, has been added. When creating an Interactive with Database Table form type, users have the ability to define the table name, column names, and character limits for each field on the form. Once the form is published, the table is created and the form becomes available for use to fill out for students. Any data entered into the form for a student can then be reported in Ad hoc.

      Path: System Administration > Module > Custom Forms

      Article: Custom Forms (Counseling)Custom Forms (Gifted and Talented)Custom Forms (Health); Custom Forms (ILPA)Custom Forms (PLP)Custom Forms (Special Ed)

  • Walk-In Scheduler Updates (SIS-117520) [Enhancement] 

    The following updates have been made to the newly available Walk-In Scheduler in the Counseling toolset:

    • Spelling corrections have been made.
    • The Request Type dropdown list was displaying above the assigned letter of R, E and A.
    • The display of the Lock icon was not consistent.
    • When using IE11, the Calendar View for the Week displayed text that was not readable.
    • The modal for identically scheduled courses was not displaying.
    • Accessibility shortcuts have been adjusted to allow for easier navigation with the keyboard, the ability to use ESC to close a modal, and to focus the first element when opening a modal or side panel.
      Added functionality to aid in accessibility for Users who depend on a screen reader.
    • Article: Walk-In Scheduler (Counseling)

      Path: Student Information > Counseling > General > Schedule > Walk-In Scheduler

  • Room Type Attributes (SIS-104748)

    Room types are now available as an attribute. This allows a district to assign a specific type of room (gymnasium, auditorium, etc.) to a specific room number.

    Once the attribute is created, it can be assigned to a Room, which then displays every where the room is used (Schedule Wizard, Course Planner, Staff Planner, Section Build Constraints).

    Room attributes are also available in Ad hoc Reporting.

    Article: Rooms

    Path: System Administration > Resources > Resources > Rooms

Teacher Updates

  • No updates were included in this release that directly impact teachers.

Other Changes

  • Cosmetic Update for Score Group List Items Detail Fields (SIS-116002)

    The Class Detail Outcome Code and Bypass Composite Rule were not appearing in the correct locations on the Score Group List Items Detail editor. This issue was corrected.

    Article(s): N/A

    Path: Grading & Standards > Score Groups & Rubrics > Score Group List Items Detail

  • Ad hoc Reporting - Calendar Rights (SIS-116094) [Enhancement] 

    A new Calendar Rights view has been added to the Filter Designer (Query Wizard) for Census/Staff data types. This view includes the ability to report User School Year Rights, User Group School Year Rights and User Group.

    The existing All Calendars option available in the Campus Usage > USer Account/Summary has been deprecated. This applies to the Query Wizard, Data Viewer, Batch Letter Designer and User Account Messenger.

    Article: User Account

    Path: System Administration > User Security > Users > User Account

  • Attendance Letters - Absenteeism Level Days Absent Field (SIS-117389) [Enhancement] 

    The Days Absent field on the Absenteeism Level Attendance Letters can now be set to a decimal value.

    Article: Attendance Letters

    Path: Attendance > Attendance Letters

  • Sub Attendance Roster Report (SIS-115862) [Enhancement] 

    The Sub Attendance Roster Report now includes the total number of students considered Male, Female or Other (Non-Male or Non-Female). Other Gender is only included when a state has chosen to include additional gender option(s).

    Article: Sub Attendance Roster

    Path: Attendance > Reports > Sub Attendance Roster

  • Behavior Reports - Gender (SIS-115860) [Enhancement] 

    Behavior Event, Resolution and Removal Reports now include the total number of students considered Male, Female or Other ((Non-Male or Non-Female). Other Gender is only included when a state has chosen to include additional gender option(s).

    Article: Behavior Event ReportBehavior Resolution ReportBehavior Removal Report

    Path: Behavior > Reports > Event, Resolution, Removal

  • Campus Learning Licenses - Admin Roles (SIS-117431) [Enhancement] 

    Users with a Product Security Role to the SIS system will now be able to view Campus Learning features and assign tool rights to teachers as needed.

    Article(s): Campus Learning Licensing

    Path: System Administration > Campus Learning > Campus Learning Licensing

  • User Account Batch Wizard - Gender (SIS-115851) [Enhancement] 

    The User Account Batch Wizard now includes the total number of students considered Male, Female or Other (Non-Male or Non-Female). Other Gender is only included when a state has chosen to include additional gender option(s).

    Article: User Account Batch Wizard

    Path: System Administration > User Security > User Preference Management > User Account Batch Wizard

  • Combine Person Tool Updated to Use Localized Gender Attribute Values (SIS-115863) [Enhancement] 

    The Combine Person tool has been updated to use localized Gender attribute values instead of hard-coded values.

    Article: Combine Person

    Path: System Administration > Data Utilities > Combine Person

  • Enrollment Overlap Report - Enrollment Service Types (SIS-111661) [Enhancement] 

    Users can now select which type of enrollment to include on the Enrollment Overlap Report by selecting options for the Enrollment Service Type.

    Article: State Enrollment OverlapEnrollment Overlap

    Path: Student Information > Reports > State Enrollment Overlap, Student Information > Reports > Enrollment Overlap Report

New York State Data Warehouse

  • State Seal Information Added to Graduation Tab (SIS-116722)

    • The State Seal Information section on the Graduation tab is now available for districts.
    • The SIRS Programs Fact extract was updated to report the Programs Code and the Beginning Date from the State Seal Information.
      IC State Seal Fields

      Article(s): SIRS Programs Fact (New York)

      Path: Student Information > General > Graduation > State Seal Information; NY State Reporting > SIRS Extracts > Programs Fact; Census > People > Identity > Suffix
  • SIRS Student Daily Attendance Update (SIS-116992)

    An issue was occurring where attendance codes with an Excuse of Exempt were reporting when the State Code was <> NULL. This issue was corrected. Reporting logic was also updated to only report full day suspension events.

    Article(s): SIRS Student Daily Attendance (New York)

    Path: NY State Reporting > SIRS Extracts > Student Daily Attendance 

  • SIRS Programs Fact Update for FRAM Reporting (SIS-117247)

    Reporting logic for the SIRS Programs Fact extract was updated to fix issues with Carryover Eligibility Codes.  Schools that use NutriKids can disregard this modification as the Infinite Campus Program Fact extra is not actually used to report Free and Reduced (FRAM) data to NY State.

    Article(s): SIRS Programs Fact (New York)

    Path: NY State Reporting > SIRS Extracts > Programs Fact