RP.1825 - Jun 2018


  • Be sure to read the New York State Data Warehouse changes at the bottom of this article for information on important updates that have been made to extracts.

Important Changes

  •  Attendance Letters - New Absentee Level Type (SIS-114704) [Enhancement] 

    The Attendance Letter Wizard now includes an option to create and generate letters for an Absenteeism Level Type. This new type uses the new Chronic Absenteeism tools released in Campus.1821.

    The Absenteeism Level Letter Type requires the selection of a Mode (federal, exact, exact minute or approximate), the selection of either Percent Absent or Days Absent, and an entry of a minimum percent absent or minimum days absent.

    When generating Absenteeism Level Letters, note that the entered ranges for days absent and percent absent are inclusive. This means a letter with a range of 8 days to 10 days includes all students who are marked absent for 8, 9 and 10 days; another letter with a range of 10 to 12 days includes all students who are marked absent for 10, 11, and 12 days. In this scenario, some students (those who are marked absent for 10 days) are included in both letters.

    Article: Attendance Letters

    Path: Attendance > Attendance Letters

  •  Announcing Online Assessment End of Life (SIS-109964) [Enhancement] 

    The Online Assessment toolset will be removed from Campus following the 2018-19 school year. Districts that did not use Online Assessments during the 17-18 school year no longer see Online Assessment tools in Assessments or assignments. Districts who have used these tools will have access to them for the 18-19 school year.

    Campus has released the following tools as part of the Campus Learning premium offering that can be used to administer assessments to students:

    • Quick Assessment allows teachers to create multiple choice tests attached to assignments.
    • Naiku integration allows districts who use Naiku to administer assessments through assignments. This option requires district configuration.

      Path: Assessment > Online Assessment; Campus Instruction > Grade Book > Assignment > Online Assessment

      Article(s): Online Assessment

  • ​​​​​​​ NEW Walk-In Scheduler (SIS-115575) [Enhancement] 

    A new Walk-In Scheduler is now available in the Student Information Counseling toolset. This new Schedule has an updated look and enhanced functionality.  The new Schedule with the new Walk-in Scheduler will be made available in the Student Information General toolset at a future date. This delay allows districts time to update their training materials and train their staff without disrupting day to day operations. This new Walk-In Scheduler has an updated look and enhanced functionality.

    • View a list of already requested courses, add more course requests, and see courses the student has dropped on the Requests panel.
    • Search for courses to add to the student's Schedule using the Search panel. Search by several different course related options, like Course Name or Number, Period, Term, etc. Up to five search values can be chosen.
    • Load and Unload course requests, and Restore courses using the Load button in the Action bar.
    • Lock and Unlock courses using the Lock All button in the Action bar.
    • See at a glance where a placed course section meets, the total number of students placed, how many students with IEPs are in that section, and what Scheduling Team that section is assigned to.
    • Review the messages that display in the modals anytime a change is made to a student's schedule. These modals explain clearly what change is being made and what the user needs to do in order to correctly modify the schedule.
    • Use Keyboard shortcuts to navigate through the Walk-In Scheduler.
    • See the article below for detailed information, and view this video for an overview of the changes in the new Walk-In Scheduler.

      Users who have existing tool rights to the Walk-In Scheduler in Student Information > General have tool rights to the new Walk-In Scheduler. For other users, tool rights need to be turned on.

      Article: Walk-In Scheduler (Counseling)

      Path: Student Information > Counseling > General > Schedule > Walk-in Scheduler

Teacher Updates

  • Campus Instruction Reports (SIS-116967) [Enhancement] 

    Reports in Campus Instruction have been consolidated into a single tool, simplifying the previous model of multiple report editors by tool. Access reports from a single tool, where they are grouped into related reports. Report functionality is unchanged and duplicate reports have been removed.

    Article(s): Campus Instruction Reports

    Path: Campus Instruction > Reports

  • Curriculum/Assignment Copier and List (SIS-116850) [Enhancement] 

    The Curriculum Copier and Curriculum List have been renamed for users who have not enabled the Campus Learning premium offering and do not have access to Curriculum. These tools can be accessed in the Grade Book as the Assignment Copier and Assignment List.

    Article(s): Assignment CopierAssignment List

    Path: Campus Instruction > Grade Book > Settings > Assignment Copier, Assignment List

  • Individual Campus Learning Licenses (SIS-116962) [Enhancement] 

    The Campus Learning Licensing tool has been updated to allow admins to grant Campus Learning licenses to individual teachers in addition to school and district licenses. Enter the number of individual licenses and then mark teachers names to indicate which who should be included in the 45-day provisional license. Teachers must be given tool rights to Campus Learning tools if they were not part of the 2017-18 free trial.

    Article(s): Campus Learning Licensing

    Path: System Administration > Campus Learning > Campus Learning Licensing

  • System Preferences - Enrollment Start and End Status Mappings (SIS-115031) [Enhancement] 

    New System Preferences have been added that are used with the Enrollment Status Mapping tools added in the Campus.1821 Release Pack.

    Districts can choose if the enrollment mappings are maintained by the user (district) or by Campus (default selection).

    • When set to User Maintained, the mappings are the responsibility of the district, and any modifications made to enrollment start and end statuses are done by the district.
    • When set to Campus Maintained, the mappings are maintained by Campus. Anytime changes are made to the state start and end codes, Campus is responsible for the modifications.
    • Modifications have also been made to the Enrollment Overlap preference and the Default Enrollment Local End Status. When the Enrollment Overlap preference is set to one of the following, the Default Enrollment Local End Status preference also needs to be selected. This was previously only needed on the Centralized Enrollment Overlap Preference.

    • Centralized Enrollment.
    • Overlap Warning: Auto-end overlapping primary enrollment. Warn the user.
    • Prevent and Warn: Allow 1 day of overlap. Prevent more than one day of overlapping primary enrollments. Warn the user (only available for Louisiana districts)
    • The new preferences are not available for State Edition, for South Dakota districts or for Montana LDE districts.

      Article: System Preferences (District)Enrollment (System Administration)

      Path: System Administration > Preferences > System Preferences; System Administration > Enrollment > Start Status Type, End Status Type

Other Changes

  • Test Results Report Updates (SIS-111792) [Enhancement] 

    The following updates were made to the Test Results Report:

    • The report header has been updated to state: “This report will display student test results that fit the criteria selected in the report editor. At least one test category (State, National, or District), test result, and test score must be selected to generate the report. The report can be generated with one page per student by checking 'Add a page break between students'. This report can be run through the Batch Queue tool, which is suggested for reports with a large amount of data to avoid time-out errors and/or system performance issues."
    • The Add a page break between students checkbox has been added. When selected, a page break is inserted between students and the report header is included on each page.
    • The Batch Queue option has been added to the report. Users can now submit the report to generate in the batch queue, allowing them to schedule when the report is generated as well as lessening the performance impact of generating the report for a large set of data.
    • Article: Test Results

      Path: Student Information > Reports > Test Results

  • Enabling External Learning Tools (LTI) (SIS-116856) [Enhancement] 

    Districts can now configure external learning tool providers without going through Campus Support to enable tools. Admins configure LTI connections in the same Grading Services tab used for OneRoster connections. A base URL is provided to share with LTI vendors. Vendor information is entered (including a Key and Secret) and specific launch sites can be configured.

    Currently, connections to Naiku and TurnItIn can be configured in this tool.

    Article(s): Grading Services (LTI)

    Path: System Administration > OneRoster Tools > Grading Services > External Learning Tools

  • Campus Student and Campus Parent Apps - Preparation (SIS-116811) [Enhancement] 

    In the future, the current Mobile Portal app for iOS and Android will be replaced by apps for Campus Student and Campus Parent. These apps have not yet been released on app stores, but the underlying architecture has been added to Campus to support the apps. The apps will be available on app stores once enough districts have taken the release of Campus.1825.

    With this release, Campus Student and Campus Parent are now available to all students and parents. The Campus Student/Parent Settings have been merged with the Portal Display Options. Note: for grades to display in Campus Student and Campus Parent, the preference in Grades > Grade Book must be marked.

    Article(s): Campus StudentCampus ParentDisplay Options

    Path: System Administration > Portal > Display Options

New York State Data Warehouse

  • SSEC Summary Extract Updates (SIS-115446)

    The following changes were made for the SSEC Summary Extract.

    • The Behavior Management tool was not allowing users to save a Harassment Behavior Event if the participant's relationship to the school was "Other." This was corrected.
    • Now, if a Behavior Incident occurs off property, only Harassment, Cyberbullying, and Bomb Threat events are reported.
    • The report layout was updated and multiple fields no longer report.
    • A new column called "All Students" was added to section 5. This column represents the total student offenders possessing firearms.
    • The field "Weapons Possession Only" was changed to "Weapons Possession."
    • Disciplinary actions now only report for Student Offenders.
    • A victim is no longer required to report in rows b-n.
    • The following issues were corrected.
      • The Number of Offenders (rows cc-ee) was reporting the number of incidents instead of the number of offenders.
      • In Part 5, the combined possession of other firearms and a non-firearm weapon caused a General Education Student to report as an additional Sped Student.
      • DE5.l.1 and DE5.l.2 were not reporting if a non-firearm resolution was assigned.
      • DE5.f.1-DE5.g.2 were not reporting.

        Article(s): SSEC Summary Extract (New York)
        Path: NY State Reporting > SSEC Extracts > SSEC