RP.1809- Feb 2018


  • Be sure to read the New York State Data Warehouse changes at the bottom of this article for information on important updates that have been made to extracts.

Important Changes

  • Upgrade to Tomcat 8.5.23 (SIS-110209)

    Tomcat 8.5.23 is now available for all Campus users and is included in the Campus.1809 update. Users are highly encouraged to take this update as it includes a number of security enhancements and ensures compatibility with Java 8.

    NOTE: Due to a number of system and code dependencies, EduTech will first update your IC server to RP.1801 and then again to RP.1809 on two separate dates which will be communicated via email - no exceptions.

    Article: N/A
    Path: No Specific Path

Teacher Updates

  • No updates were included in this release that directly impact teachers.

Other Changes

  • Campus Student Updates (SIS-113435) [Enhancement]

    The following updates have been made to Campus Student:
    • A new Grades Detail screen has been added, which displays grades received by students and the assignments that contribute to those grades.
    • Added notification settings to Campus Student.

    With these updates, all features available in the Campus Portal app are now included in Campus Student.

    Article(s): Campus Student
    Path: Campus Student

  • Attendance Wizard (SIS-110251)

    The following updates have been made to the Attendance Wizard.
    • If an Attendance Date is selected that is not a day marked as Attendance in the calendar, a warning message displays indicating it is not an attendance day and attendance cannot be entered. This appears in any Attendance Wizard Mode.
    • When Check-In mode is selected, the only students available for selection are those who have an attendance mark with a Status of Absent, Tardy, a teacher-entered Absent, or a Teacher-entered Tardy code at some point during the day. Students who have no attendance marks or only have attendance marks with a Status of Present or Early Release do not display and are not available for selection in Search box B.

    Article: Attendance Wizard
    Path: Attendance > Attendance Wizard

  • Behavior Fields for Attendance Letters and Attendance Messenger (SIS-113534)

    A new behavior sub-report, Behavior Summary, has been added to Attendance Letters and Attendance Messenger.Behavior Campus Fields and Behavior Sub-Reports for Event List and Resolution List are no longer available. Existing letters that use Behavior Campus Fields are still available to print. Any letter that uses the Event List or Resolution List sub-reports need to be updated to use the Discipline Summary or Behavior Summary sub-reports. If previous letters are modified, the Event List and/or Resolution List sub-reports must be removed in favor of the new sub-reports.

    Article: Attendance Letters, Attendance Messenger
    Path: Attendance > Attendance Letters, Attendance Messenger

  • Adding IDs to OneRoster 1.1 (SIS-113745) [Enhancement]

    StateID and staffStateID have been added to the 1.1 version of the OneRoster API.

    Article(s): N/A
    Path: N/A

  • Ad hoc - Term GPA Fields (SIS-109547) [Enhancement]

    The following Term GPA fields have been added to the Student > Grading Term GPA folder when creating Student Data Type queries in the Filter Designer:
    • term#unweighted
    • term#weight+bonusPoints
    • term#unweighted+bonusPoints
    Article: GPA Calculations in Campus
    Path: Ad hoc Reporting > Filter Designer > Query Wizard > Student Data Type

  • Ad hoc Reporting - Compound Term GPA Fields (SIS-109551) [Enhancement]

    A new view has been created called v_CompoundTermGPA. This view provides a way to report a student's GPA for multiple terms. (term1GPA + term2GPA + term3GPA, etc.). Fields for including the Term GPA and the Term Weight are available.These fields are located in the Student Data Type list, within Grading > Term GPA. They are also available in the Data Viewer, Letter Designer, Behavior Letter Wizard, Behavior Messenger, Attendance Letters, Attendance Messenger, and Message Builder.

    Article: GPA Calculations in Campus
    Path: Ad hoc Reporting > Filter Designer > Query Wizard > Student Data Type

  • Grading Rollup (SIS-113565) [Enhancement]

    Rollup logic has been updated so that a Grading Task can be selected as the parent of a Rollup setup for Course Masters and Courses. Scores posted to child standards calculate an In Progress Grade for the parent Grading Task based on the values specified in the Rubric and Grading Scale.

    Article(s): Rollup Grade Calculation
    Path: Grading & Standards > Course Master > Grade Calc Options > Rollup; Scheduling > Courses > Grade Calc Options > Rollup

  • Medication Records Dates Added (SIS-98320) [Enhancement]

    On the Medications tab, the date now displays for all dose records. This includes the date of Health Office Visits and Dose Reductions in addition to Refills.

    Article: Medications; Refill Medication; Reduce Medication Dose Count; Enter Student's Medication Information
    Path: Student Information > Health > General > Medications

  • Medications Amount Per Dose Field Update (SIS-112677) [Enhancement]

    Several updates have been made to the logic of the Amount Per Dose field on the Medications tab:
    • After data has been entered into the Amount per Dose field on the Medication Detail editor and the record has been saved, this field becomes Read-Only.
    • The allowable units entered into this field have been increased to allow up to five (5) numbers before the decimal and three (3) after. If a number is entered that exceeds this limit, a warning displays, reading, "Amount per Dose must be numeric, up to NNNNN.NNN."
    Article: Enter a Student's Medication Information
    Path: Student Information > Health > General > Medications

  • Medications Tab Updates (SIS-112679) [Enhancement]

    Two new fields, Route and Status, have been added to the Medications tab to record additional information about medications administered to students. The dictionary for each of these attributes can be edited.

    Article: Medications; Enter a Student's Medication Information
    Path: Student Information > Health > General > Medications

  • Reduce Medication Dose Count Date Field Added (SIS-112681) [Enhancement]

    A date field has been added when reducing medication dose counts to allow users to input the date the reduction actually happened instead of defaulting to the entered date. This field is read only once the reduction is saved.

    Article: Reduce Medication Dose Count
    Path: Student Information > Health > Medications

  • Medication Refill Date Field Added (SIS-112682) [Enhancement]

    A date field has been added to the Medication Dose Detail editor when refilling a medication dose to allow users to input an alternate date to when the refill was received instead of when the refill record is created. This field defaults to the current date and is read only after the refill is saved.

    Article: Refill Medication
    Path: Student Information > Health > General > Medications

New York State Data Warehouse

  • SIRS Assessment Fact Update (SIS-111919)

    The SIRS Assessment Fact template was not including the first record in the report results. This issue was corrected.

    Article(s): SIRS Assessment Fact (New York)
    Path: NY State Reporting > SIRS Extracts > Assessment Fact

  • SIRS Programs Fact Update (SIS-112973)

    The SIRS Programs Fact report was updated to report ALL FRAM records that are active at any point during the academic year and not just the latest record.

    Article(s): SIRS Programs Fact (New York)
    Path: NY State Reporting > SIRS Extracts > Programs Fact