RP.1745 - Nov 2017


  • Be sure to read the New York State Data Warehouse changes at the bottom of this article for information on important updates that have been made to extracts.

Important Changes

  • Some Custom Tabs Leading to External URLS Producing Error (SIS-109034)

    Some custom tabs set up as an external URL were producing an error when selected. This issue has been corrected.

    Article: Custom Tab
    Path: System Administration > Custom > Custom Tab

  • Student Grades Tab - In-Progress Grades Display (SIS-87599) [Enhancement]

    In-Progress grades now display on the student grades tab.

    Article: Grades
    Path: Student Information > General > Grades

  • User Account Batch Wizard Now Includes Staff Account Functionality (SIS-109269)

    The User Account Batch Wizard has been updated to work with staff accounts. Using this tool, users can now do the following:

    • Batch create staff user accounts
    • Enable staff user accounts
    • Disable staff user accounts
    • Force a password reset for staff user accounts
    • Add user groups to staff accounts en masse
    • Remove user groups from staff accounts en masse.

    Accounts can be modified for all staff within a selected school(s) or for specific staff members. You can also preview the changes that will be made prior to initiating modifications within Campus.

    Article: User Account Batch Wizard
    Path: System Administration > User Security > User Preference Management > User Account Batch Wizard

Teacher Updates

  • Grade Calc Options Updates (SIS-109850) [Enhancement]

    Various updates have been made to the Grade Calc Options screen in the Grade Book, Courses, and Course Masters:

    • Added an option to only calculate the student's grade based on the most recent x number of assignments, based on Due Date.
    • Added two new Methods for calculating grades:

      • Decaying Average calculates the average, but weights recent scores more heavily.
      • Mean calculates a straight average across scores.

    • Added Fill and Filter options to make setting up calculation options simpler.
    Article(s): Grade Calc Options, Grade Calc Options (Course), Grade Calc Options (Course Master)
    Path: Campus Instruction > Grade Book > Settings > Grade Calc Options; Scheduling > Courses > Grade Calc Options; Grading & Standards > Course Masters > Grade Calc Options

Other Changes

  • Student Search (SIS-108614)

    Users who perform a search for a student (defined as any person who has at least one enrollment, either active or inactive) enrolled in a calendar to which the user does not have calendar rights now receive a message that the person does not have rights to view the student's information.

    • If a user has rights to the All People search, the user can search for a student enrolled in a calendar to which the user doesn't have rights.
    • A warning message displays when viewing the student's information in the Student Information module, but not when viewing the student's information in the Census module.
    Article: Searching in Campus
    Path: N/A

  • NEW Canned Student Transcript (SIS-105354) [Enhancement]

    A new canned Student Transcript is now available in the Student Information Counseling toolset. This new Transcript has an updated look and enhanced functionality.The Transcript now includes a Master screen and a Detail Screen.

    • On the Master screen, users can get a quick view of a student's transcript by the school year, and can print transcript records or upload other transcript documents.
    • On the Detail screen, users can view transcript information on a series of cards, organized by School Information, Course Information, Score Information, etc.
    Other highlights of the new Transcript tab include:
    • Group column headings on the Master screen by Year, by School or other option by using click-and-drag features.
    • Collapse these headings to only display records for a certain year or school.
    • Edit records from the Master Screen.
    • View more details of the record by clicking anywhere in the row to display the Detail screen.
    • Find course names, course numbers, etc., by typing into the field. Matching results display for easy selection and other related fields are populated.
    • Navigate to the next row or the last row by using the Next and Previous options in the Detail screen.
    Users who have existing tool rights to the Transcript tab in Student Information > General and to Student Information > Counseling > General has tool rights to the new Transcript tab. For other users, tool rights need to be turned on for them.See the article below for detailed information.

    Article: Transcript (Counseling)
    Path: Student Information > Counseling > General > Transcript

  • Census - Staff Birth Date and Age Tool Right (SIS-105476) [Enhancement]

    A new tool right called View Staff Birth Date and Age is now available. Users assigned this tool right are able to see a staff member's birth date and age. A user who currently has a read right to Census > People > Demographics will have a read right to this new tool right.The logic for the Staff Social Security tool right was changed to define a staff person as anyone with an active District Employment or an active District Assignment record.

    Article: Tool Rights (Census)
    Path: System Administration > User Security > Tool Rights > Census

New York State Data Warehouse

  • Updates for SIRS Reporting (SIS-108532)

    • The SIRS Marking Period Code Template was deprecated.
    • The following changes were made to the SIRS Extract Editor.

      • The word "Template" was removed from options in the Extract Type dropdown list.
      • TSV and XML options were removed from the Format dropdown list.
      • The following fields were removed: Student Identifier and Staff Identifier.
      • A new checkbox called "Include Primary Students' Grades" now displays when the Extract Type is Student Class Grade Detail.
    • The Student ID element was updated on all SIRS extracts. This element now reports the Local Student Number from the Demographics tab.
    • The Staff ID element was updated on the Staff Student Course. This element now reports the staff member's Staff State ID from the Demographics tab.
    • The Student Class Grade Detail extract was updated.

      • The Alpha Grade and Numeric Grade elements now ignore the grade level requirements if the Include Primary Students' Grades is checkbox is marked on the extract editor.
      • The elements that report grades now report the State Grade "GD."
    • The Programs Fact extract was updated to not limit the number of years that report in the Program Duration element.
    Article(s): SIRS Extracts (New York)
    Path: NY State Reporting > SIRS Extracts

  • Behavior State Code Mapping Updates (SIS-108704)

    • Behavior State Event and Resolution Code dictionaries were updated for 17-18 SSEC reporting.
    • The Harassment Category dropdown list was deprecated. (Behavior Management > Incident Detail Information > Event and Participant Detail > Participant(s) Details > Harassment Category)
    • The Teacher Role dropdown list was updated (Scheduling > Course > Section > Staff History > Teacher Role). The term "Override" was replaced with the word "Additional."

    Article(s): N/A
    Path: NY State Reporting

  • SIRS Student Lite Extract Updated for Counselor Data (SIS-110210)

    The following elements on the Student Lite Extract were updated to report Counselor data. Previously, these elements were not reported.

    • Guidance Counselor District Code
    • Guidance Counselor ID

    Article(s): SIRS Student Lite Extract (New York)
    Path: NY State Reporting > SIRS Extracts > Student Lite Template