RP.1741 - Oct 2017


  • Be sure to read the New York State Data Warehouse changes at the bottom of this article for information on important updates that have been made to extracts.

Important Changes

  • Immunization Updates (SIS-106736)

    The following immunization rules have been updated for New York:

    • Meningococcal (MCV4)
    • Tdap

    Article: New York Immunization Rules
    Path: System Administration > Health > Vaccines

  • User Account Batch Wizard for Students (SIS-107710) [Enhancement]

    The User Account Batch Wizard has been created. This tool is a replacement for the Student Accounts tool and allows users to batch create student user accounts using the census email address or a username patterns, enable student user accounts, disable student user accounts, or force a password reset for student user accounts. Accounts can be modified for all students within a selected school(s) or for specific students. You can also preview the changes that will be made prior to initiating modifications within Campus.

    Article: User Account Batch Wizard
    Path: System Administration > User Security > User Preference Management > User Account Batch Wizard

Teacher Updates

  • Cumulative Grading in Grade Calc Options (SIS-109403) [Enhancement]

    An option for Cumulative Grading has been added to the Grade Calculation Options in the Grade Book, Courses, and Course Masters. This option allows users to set a starting term for calculating grades, allowing grades to be calculated cumulatively across multiple terms.

    Article(s): Cumulative Grading, Cumulative Grading (Scheduling), Cumulative Grading (Course Masters)

    Path: Campus Instruction > Grade Book > Settings > Grade Calc Options > Cumulative Grading Starting In; Scheduling > Courses > Grade Calc Options > Cumulative Grading Starting in; Grading & Standards > Course Master > Grade Calc Options > Cumulative Grading Starting in

Other Changes

  • Field Added to Health Office Visits Tab (SIS-105619) [Enhancement]

    A new field, Referred by, has been added to the Health Office Visits tab to track who referred the student to the Health Office. This field is a text field that will allow the entry of up to 50 alphanumeric characters. It can be used in an AdHoc filter.

    Article: Health Office Visits
    Path: Student Information > Health > General > Health Office Visits

  • Vaccine Exemption End Date (SIS-106167)

    An end date has been added to the Vaccine Exemptions editor so students can no longer be given an exemption after a particular end date. An expired exemption appears in red text in the Waiver dropdown when entering a vaccine waiver on a student's Immunizations tab.

    Article: Vaccine Exemptions
    Path: System Administration > Health > Vaccine Exemptions

  • User Group Report Created (SIS-108520) [Enhancement]

    The User Group Report has been created. This report provides high-level and detailed information about which user groups exist, all tool rights and calendar rights assigned to each user group, and which user groups are assigned to which Staff Account Automation rules.

    Article: User Group Report
    Path: System Administration > User Security > Reports > User Group Report

  • Created Date Timestamp Added to User Accounts (SIS-108964) [Enhancement]

    A Created Date timestamp has been added to the User Account tab. This field indicates when the user account was created and is populated by any method used to create the user account (e.g., student/staff automation, imported new user, Quartz job, etc).

    Article: User Account
    Path: System Administration > User Security > Users > User Account

New York State Data Warehouse

  • SIRS Course Instructor Assignment Template Updates (SIS-106712)

    • The Staff History Teacher Role was updated to include new dictionary codes.

    • The Course Information editor was updated to include the following new required fields.

      • No Roster - When this checkbox is selected, the checkbox indicates the course will not have students rostered but still ought to report staff in the Course Instructor Assignment Template.

      • Primary Instruction Delivery Method - Identifies the delivery method of the instruction.

    • The Primary Instruction Delivery Method Override field was added to the Section editor. This field is used to override the course delivery method of instruction.

    The Course Instructor Assignment Template was updated to only report a record if at least one student has an active roster record for at least one day in which the class is scheduled. However, if the No Roster checkbox is marked on the Course, a record will still report. The following elements on the Course Instructor Assignment Template were updated/added to report these changes.

    • Primary Instructor Indicator

    • Primary Special Education Indicator

    • Primary Instruction Delivery Method Code (New Field)

    • Primary ENL Instructor Indicator (New Field)

    Article(s): SIRS Course Instructor Assignment Template (New York)
    Path: NY State Reporting > SIRS Extracts > Course Instructor Assignment

  • SIRS Student Lite Template Update for Post Graduate Activity (SIS-108541)

    Reporting logic for the Post Graduate Activity element was updated to include Adult Services students regardless of their Diploma Date.

    The following two filler fields were also added: Guidance Counselor District Code and Guidance Counselor ID.

    Article(s): SIRS Student Lite Template (New York)
    Path: NY State Reporting > SIRS Extracts > Student Lite Template

  • FRAM and EL Reporting Changes for SIRS Program Fact Template (SIS-109524)

    The following changes were made for reporting FRAM and EL.The following changes were made for reporting FRAM and EL.

    • The Service Level dropdown list was added to the EL tab. This field reports in the Program Intensity field on the Program Fact Template.

    • Program Fact Template reports the Program Eligibility Code 1 from the student's FRAM Certified Type.

    • Program Eligibility Codes 2-6 were added to Programs Fact as filler fields.

    Article(s): SIRS Program Fact Template (New York)
    Path: NY State Reporting > SIRS Extracts > Program Fact Template