RP.1737 Teacher Updates

  • Control Center Updates (SIS-108648) [Enhancement]

    The student information area of the Control Center has been expanded to include Grades and Attendance information for the current section. A few other cosmetic updates have been made to this section.Access Student Information by clicking a student's name from the Attendance or Scoring panels.

    Article(s): Control CenterPath: Campus Instruction > Control Center

  • Assignment - Add Content Icons (SIS-108100) [Enhancement]

    Icons have been added to buttons in the Add Content area of Assignments.

    Article(s): AssignmentsPath: Campus Instruction > Grade Book > Assignment > Add Content

  • Student and Section Summary Reports (SIS-108601)

    The Student and Section Summary reports have been updated to report In Progress grades for Composite tasks as well as posted grades for tasks marked as post-only.

    Article(s): Student Summary, Section Summary

    Path: Campus Instruction > Reports (Grade Book) > Section Summary, Student Summary