RP.1737 - Sep 2017


  • Be sure to read the New York State Data Warehouse changes at the bottom of this article for information on important updates that have been made to extracts.

Important Changes

  • Staff User Account Management Tools Created (SIS-105345) [Enhancement]

    In an effort to streamline staff user account creation within Campus, Staff Account Automation functionality has been added to the Account Security Preferences tool.

    The new ‘Enable automatic creation of staff accounts’ preference allows users to opt into functionality which automatically creates staff user accounts for all existing staff members within Campus who have an active district assignment record. Once this preference is enabled, a user account will be automatically created for any staff member who does not currently have a user account and is assigned an active district assignment record.

    Username and password criteria options are available which allow users to designate how automated usernames and passwords are created and assigned for new user accounts.

    Users also have the ability to assign Calendar and Tool Rights rules which automate which calendar rights and tool rights are applied to any automatically created staff user accounts.The new ‘Automatically disable accounts after staff member is no longer employed by the district’ preference allows users to opt into functionality which automatically disables staff user accounts as of the End Date on their district assignment.

    The ‘Enable automatic creation of staff accounts’ and ‘Automatically disable accounts after staff member is no longer employed by the district’ preferences are set to unmarked (inactive) by default. You must opt-in to these preferences.

    The User Account Automation Log has been updated to include options for generating log information on staff collision resolutions, account creation failures, and accounts that were automatically disabled.

    For detailed information about these new tools, see the Account Security Preferences and User Account Automation articles within the Campus Community.

    Article: Account Security Preferences; User Account Automation Log

    Path: System Administration > User Security > User Preference Management > Account Security Preferences; System Administration > User Security > Reports > User Account Automation Log

  • User Group Tab Updated to Improve Usability (SIS-107584) [Enhancement]

    The following updates were made to improve the usability of the User Groups tab:
    • The entire list of all available user groups will now properly display when searching for groups to add via the Add User Group field.
    • The Add User Group and Current Group Membership fields were expanded to better display user group names.
    • A horizontal scroll bar will now appear for viewing long user group names that require scrolling.
    • Users can now use the Enter key to add a user group that has been selected within the Add User Group field.
    • Search text will persist until cleared by the user.

    Article: User Groups (User Tab)
    Path: System Administration > User Security > Users > User Groups

  • Campus Tool Search Now Available for All Districts (SIS-107673) [Enhancement]

    Campus tool search is now available for all Campus customers. The Campus tool search is a new search field found at the top of the Campus Index which allows you to quickly search for and access a Campus tool.

    The search bar works by entering a tool name within the search field and selecting it within search results. Tool search results are auto-completed and will continue to refine and display more accurate results as you continue to enter more characters.The search bar also includes the following features:

    • Placing your cursor in the search field will cause a list of the top 10 most used tools in the product to display underneath.
    • Localized state and district tools, as well as customized tools, are included in search results.
    • Search results are refined based on context by including data from help articles, descriptions, custom elements, and state reporting elements.
    • Select results and using the arrow keys and hitting Enter.

    Search results span across all tools within Campus, regardless of the tool rights you may have or your district's licensing. If you select a tool you do not have rights to access or your district has not licensed, you will receive a page indicating you do not have rights to the tool but additional learning content about the tool will be provided below.

Teacher Updates

Other Changes

  • Missing Assignment Preference Update (SIS-107989) [Enhancement]

    The Missing Assignment preference tool has been updated to allow districts to set the missing flag to be an indicator only and not affect scores. If this option is selected, teachers will be able to score assignments flagged as missing.

    Article(s): Missing Assignment Preference
    Path: System Administration > Grading & Standards > Missing Assignment > Preferences

  • Course Catalog (SIS-103729)

    Tooltips have been added next to Assessment, Terms, Schedules and Periods on the Course Catalog editor. These tooltips provide additional information on the logic used when choosing to lock these options on a course.Locked items on a course master cannot be modified at the course level, except for assessments, terms, schedules and periods.

    Article: Course Catalog
    Path: Grading and Standards > Course Catalogs

New York State Data Warehouse

  • No Changes were made in this release that affect NYS Data Warehouse.