RP.1729 - July 2017


Important Changes:

  • Be sure to read the New York State Data Warehouse changes at the bottom of this article for information on important updates that have been made to extracts.
  • Instruction Module Enhancements Specific to Teaching Staff

    Of special note in this release is a change to the look and feel of the landing page that teaching staff will see when they login the first time (a new "Control Center" will appear), and the layout of the Assignment Editor has changed.

    The following article can be provided directly to teaching staff which details the enhancements that have been made in this version which pertain directly to teaching staff: http://www.edutech.org/services.cfm?subpage=1922016

Other Changes:

  • Behavior - Locked Behavior Incidents (SIS-105449) [Enhancement]

    A new behavior preference has been added that allows users to lock any behavior incident that has a status of complete.When this preference is set to Yes, any behavior incident marked complete displays with a lock symbol.A new subtool right has been added (called Unlock Incident) that allows users to unlock a locked behavior incident.

    Article: Preferences (Behavior), Behavior Management Tool, Add and Edit Behavior Incidents, Behavior (Student), Tool Rights (Behavior)

    Path: Behavior > Admin > Preferences; Behavior Management

  • Missing Photo Report (SIS-102254) [Enhancement]

    A new report has been added to Census Reports, called Missing Photo - Student. This report returns a list of students who do not have a photo stored in Campus.This report is only available in district editions.

    Article: Missing Photo - Student

    Path: Census > Reports > Missing Photo - Student

  • Term GPA Report (SIS-103250) [Enhancement]

    The following modifications have been made to the Term GPA Report:

    • Students only report when their Term GPA is greater than or equal to the entered value in the Minimum Term GPA field or less than or equal to the value entered in the Maximum Term GPA field on the Report Editor.
    • The Minimum and Maximum Term GPA can have as many decimal places as allowed by the System Preference for # of Significant GPA Decimal Places.
    • The entered Effective Date did not apply to reports generated using an Ad hoc filter. This has been corrected.
    • A Display Option for Calendar has been added. When marked, the name of the calendar displays after the grade level on the printed report.
    • The Display Options are organized as they appear when printed, and Name, PersonID, Student Number, Grade, and Rolling Cumulative GPA are automatically marked to display on the print.
    • The Rolling Cumulative GPA display option and sort option is available when the GPA is unweighted or weighted. It is not available when the calendar has a Custom GPA.
    • A Sort Option has been added for Grade, Term GPA, and Calendar. Students display in alphabetical order within each sort option.
    • Multiple calendars can now be selected on the report, and chosen by active year, school name or year.
    • Batch Queue has been added to prevent large, system-intense reports from causing time-outs or system performance issues.
    • Editor text has been modified.
    • The CSV format now includes GPA bonus points on the Rolling Cumulative GPA and the Term GPA when the Use Bonus Points display option is marked.

      Article: Term GPA Report

      Path: Grading and Standards > Reports > Term GPA Report

  • Course Section and Section Staff History Primary Enrollment Display (SIS-97560)

    Modifications were made to correctly display a warning message for a future term when a primary teacher is not assigned on the first day of the course section instead of when an end date was added on the Staff History tab.

    On the Course Section tab, a message displays when there is no active primary teacher assigned when the current date is before the start of a term AND a primary teacher is not assigned on the Staff History tab for at least the first date of the term.

    On the Staff History tab, a message indicating there is no primary teacher assigned displays when the current date is before the start of a term and there is no primary teacher assigned for at least the first date of the term.

    Article: Staff History, Section

    Path: Scheduling > Courses > Course > Section, Staff History

  • New Canned Transcript Report Preferences (SIS-101859) [Enhancement]

    New options for including a student's Legal Name and Legal Gender have been added to the Transcript Report Preferences. When marked, the transcript prints the name and gender information entered in the Protected Identity Information section on the Identities editor, if the student has these fields populated on their Identity record.

    Users must have tool rights to Legal Name and Gender in order to see the student's legal name and gender.

    Article: Transcript Report Preferences

    Path: System Administration > Preferences > Reports > Transcript

New York State Data Warehouse

  • There were no changes in this release related to NYS Data Warehouse