Q: My Labels and Envelopes Print off the Edge. Why is this happening?

Since labels and envelopes in Infinite Campus are printed using Adobe Reader (http://get.adobe.com/reader/), this can happen in situations where either Adobe Reader was updated (often behind the scenes without your notice), or when you have a new printer installed, or simply switch to print something temporarily to another printer.

To correct this situation, perform the following steps:

  1. Generate the envelope or label as you normally would

  2. Click the report "Printer" icon as you would normally, which should appear after hovering your mouse near the bottom of the report

  3. On the Adobe "Print" options page, click the "Advanced" button as illustrated below:

  4. On the "Advanced Print Options" screen, check the "Print as Image" checkbox as illustrated below:

  5. Click OK to save the changes

  6. Back on the Adobe "Print" options page, mark the "Actual Size" radio button that appears under the "Page Sizing & Handling" area as illustrated below

  7. Click the Print button to send the envelope or label to the printer - check to see that they now print as expected. If the issue is not resolved, the problem is now related to the settings for your specific printer

**HINT: Because printer settings vary greatly from maker and model to model, please consult your printer's user guide for additional assistance, and/or contact MTS (Microcomputer Technical Services) at Edutech (1-800-722-5797 option 3)