Q: My Building's Calendar was Just Rolled - What do I do next?

As part of the process of "rolling" (copying forward) your building's calendar in preparation for the coming school year, the following items were created (copied forward into next year) by EduTech, using what is already in your building's most recent school year:

  • Approximate Calendar Dates and Settings (needs adjusting as indicated in "What's Next" below)
  • Period Structure including existing Cycle Days (not adjusted unless you indicate so)
  • Existing Reports for the building (e.g. report cards and transcripts)

After you have received confirmation from Edutech that your building's calendar was "rolled", your Guidance Team can then begin entering course requests for students who are projected to reside in this building next school year (see the note about "Grade Advancement" below).

What's Next??

The following items MUST be addressed and/or completed by an appropriate person at your school prior to the new school year actually beginning!!

To Do Item:


Once your school has defined definite school year dates, the steps detailed in this article must be completed: https://www.edutech.org/resources/student-systems/...

**Note: When the school year was setup by Edutech, tentative dates were used to configure terms and day rotations so that you can begin your scheduling season prior to official dates being set by your school.

If you have the ability to access more than one school year,
please frequently check that you're working in the correct school year.

Remind Staff of the Proper Census Procedures for:

  • When students leave the district:
    • End the Enrollment for the student in BOTH the current school year --and-- the next school year.

      **Enrollments between school years are NOT linked in any way.

  • When new students enter the district:
    • Create an Enrollment for the student in BOTH the current school year --and-- the next school year.

    • Notify the guidance department of the student's arrival so that they can create a schedule for the student in both the current school year --and-- the next school year if they have already started the scheduling season.

      **Enrollments between school years are NOT linked in any way.

If your school allows teachers to enter course requests, make sure the steps in this article have been completed: https://www.edutech.org/resources/student-systems/...

Grade Advancement:

Unless otherwise stated, students in your building were also Grade Advanced as part of the "calendar roll" process. This means that projected enrollments for next school year were created for those students, whom are anticipated to be in your building when school starts.

When the projected enrollments were created, the grade level used is the next logical grade level the student would typically be in for the next school year. For Example: if they were a 5th grader in the elementary building, logically they were "future enrolled" in the middle school building in 6th grade.