Q: What does EduTech do as part of "Year End Processing"?

There are several tasks that EduTech completes as part of "Year End Processing" which is done as part of the process of ending an existing school year, and beginning a new one. 

The following is a list of the tasks EduTech performs in Infinite Campus:

  1. Grade Advance any remaining students who have not already been grade advanced (excludes seniors). 

    Being "grade advanced" means that the student has had an enrollment for the next school year created for them, and assigned to the next applicable grade level.

    Typically this step gets performed in the Jan-Feb time frame to allow your schools scheduling team to being the process of creating new student schedules for the next school year.

    In some situations, this does not happen until a later date (i.e. Elementary schools) because the school's scheduling team starts later in the year because the need to provide a student with their schedule for NEXT school year, but the end of a school year is not as great, or the schedule for that school is not as complex.

    Regardless of the situation, this step will assure that all students where applicable, will have been properly moved up to the next appropriate grade level (excluding seniors). 
    **Hint:  If you do not want to have a specific student "grade advanced" as part of this process, you should be sure to mark the student as "Retained in Grade" as explained in this article: https://www.edutech.org/resources/student-systems/icsupport/jobaids/census/retaining-students 

  2. Un-Assign Lockers from Seniors who have graduated - this step must be completed so that the lockers previously assigned to seniors can be freed up and be reassigned to other students as needed.

  3. End Enrollment records that have not already been ended for the school year that has just finished. 

    Note the following:

    The "End Date" on all enrollment records for the school year that is ending, will be set to 6/30 of the current year, and the "End Reason" will be set to the following (note the exceptions below):

    End Status - End of Year

    • All Seniors who have graduated will be given the following "End Status" by default
      End Status - 799 (Graduated)

      If any seniors should be given a different End Status, prior to your "year end processing" being completed by EduTech, your school's registrar should either:

  4. Disable the Parent Portal so that parents are not able to prematurely see things like the students schedule for the NEW school year.

  5. Make the new school year "Active" - users who already have access to the new school year, must remember to change the "Year" field in the IC navigator to the next school year - it does not automatically change itself.

    **Note:  This change does not automatically give teachers access to their next year schedules or grade books.  Instead this is accomplished at a later date as determined by your school.  You will be reminded by EduTech of the need to grant teachers access to next years schedule, at a later date by email.