Q: Why aren't final course grades being posted to student transcripts?

There are several reasons why final course grades for students might not actually get posted to student transcripts.  Use the following as a guide to resolve the most common problems related to posting to student transcripts.


All of the items below should be checked in the event that final course grades posted by a teacher, do not seem to be getting posted to the transcript after using the "Transcript Post" feature.

  1. Verify that the grade received in the course is visible elsewhere in Infinite Campus (e.g. on a report card or other grading report).

  2. Verify that the "Transcript" checkbox is checked on the course in question and if not check it:

    Path: Scheduling>Courses

  3. Verify that the "Final Grade" Course Grading Task assigned to the course, has a value entered into the Credit field, and a Credit Type set.


    Path: Scheduling>Courses>Grading Task Tab

  4. Verify that the grade the student received from the teacher of the course, is actually a valid score in the Score Group that is associated with the "Final Score" grading task.


    Path: Scheduling>Courses>Grading Task Tab


    Path: Grading & Standards>Score Groups & Rubrics

  5. On the configuration screen for the "Final Course" grading task itself - verify that the "Posts to Transcript" checkbox is checked, and if not check it

    Path: Grading & Standards>Grading Tasks  

    **Hint:  If this option is not checked, typically NO final course grades for any course will be posting to transcripts.

  6. Verify that the grades the students received from the teacher have not been modified since the last time the "Transcript Post" feature was used - for more information on this topic, read this article: https://www.edutech.org/resources/student-systems/icsupport/faqs/grading-topics/not-posting