Q: Why aren't changes to Final Course Grades Posting to Student Transcripts?

If you attempt to use the Transcript Post function to automatically post changes to Final Course Grades to student Transcripts, those changes will not be updated on the transcript, if they have previously been posted to the student's transcript for that course.

Transcript Post

System Administration>Student Portfolio>Transcript Post

This feature works as a safeguard to prevent individual marking period or final grade changes made after grades are posted to the transcript, from automatically affecting the student's permanent record. 

As part of this safeguard, after final grades are posted to the transcript, any future changes in final course grades for individual students, must be manually updated using the student's transcript tab, which must be done as a completely separate step, from making any final course grade changes made on the student's grades tab.

In summary:  Manual changes made to Final Course Grades using a student's Grades tab, do not automatically post themselves to the Transcript tab, after grades have been initially posted.  The Transcript Post function will not overwrite grades that have been previously postedThese types of "After the Fact" changes must be instead performed manually to BOTH tabs.

How can we avoid this issue in the future? 

Make sure that all staff are aware of this design, and that a clear procedure is in place for staff to follow to change grades, AFTER grades have been posted to student transcripts.

  • What Teachers Should Know: final grades cannot be updated using their gradebook, after the date you have run the Transcript Post function - after this date - if they do make changes, and do not let Guidance Staff know, their changes will never automatically make their way to the transcript.

  • What Guidance Staff Should Know:  The "Grades Report" under Grading and Standards>Reports should be run BEFORE using the "Transcript Post" function.  This allows the guidance team to verify that ALL grades are in for ALL courses, before grades are posted to the transcript.  Doing this will save them time, energy, and confusion later.