Transfinder ( is used by schools to manage student transportation needs, in an efficient and safe manner.  This area contains information about Transfinder that's useful to schools supported by EduTech.


Q: Can I configure Transfinder so that it automatically shares bus assignment data with my student system?

  • The general answer to this question currently is NO.  Although some student systems like Schooltool actually allow transportation data in systems like Transfinder to be easily "passed" into it using modern data transmission methods (i.e. by Application Programming Interface - API), Transfinder doesn't yet have this type of automated ability.

    Instead, schools need to know how to generate export files from Transfinder manually which contain the type of transportation data that the school's student system needs, exactly in the format that it needs it (see this article which contains a sample data template).  If this work can't be done and automated, then the process of sharing bus assignment data in Transfinder with your school's student system just isn't generally possible.

    If you would like to explore this concept more contact Transfinder Corporation at (518)-688-0078