Auto-Import Basic Troubleshooting

The steps that follow, can be used in situations where data that is being sent from your student system to Schoology, is not appearing as expected in Schoology.

**IMPORTANT: Your student system is THE BOSS of the data that appears in Schoology, so one of the most important steps to take before completing any of the steps in this article, is to make sure that the data element you're experiencing issues with (i.e. users, courses, course enrollments), is actually correct in your student system.

If it's not first correct in your student system, then trying to make it correct in Schoology will only result in the corrections being overridden by THE BOSS the next day. You can save time in every case, by making 100% that the data in Schooltool for the staff/student|course|course enrollments is correct in your student system FIRST.

Resolving User Import Errors

The steps that follow can be used to resolve situations where accounts for staff/students are not being created in Schoology, or in situations where an account for a staff/student consistently gets disabled even after you've re-enabled it.

  1. Login to Schoology if you haven't already

  2. Click the "Import" module as illustrated below

  3. Click the "Status Log" as illustrated above - the Status Log appears which displays a line for every type of import (i.e. Users Import, Courses Import, Course Enrollments Import) and an indication of what time the import for the given data set was last performed, and if there were any errors encountered

    **Hint: the most recent set of imports appears at the top of the list

  4. Click the greater than symbol (>) that appears to the left of the import that you wish to view more detail on (e.g. User Import) - additional information about the import will appear as illustrated below

  5. Click on the number that appears in the "Rows Affected" column, which is to the right of the error you want to investigate - a screen displaying the specific records in error will appear next as illustrated below

  6. Taking into account the error you targeted in the previous step, review the data that appears in each column of each record to deduce what might be wrong and then navigate back to the "Users" module in Schoology to correct the problem if applicable