Schoology System Admin Checklist

The following steps are suggested by the vendor for Schoology in regard to what should happen just prior to the end of a given school year, through to the start of a new school year. The article contains links to key articles in the Schoology Support Site (

Before Each Grading Period Ends:

  1. Plan Communications:

  2. Verify Key System Settings:

At the End of Each School Year:

  1. Reporting for Final Grades:

    • Send a reminder communication to faculty with instructions on how they need to Configure their Final Grades Settings in Schoology, so that the system admin can run accurate grade reports.

      You can do this by configuring the settings in one course, then take a screenshot of the settings, and include it in an "Instructor Checklist: End of the Grading Period" document that you create.


  2. Save Course Materials:

    • Announce the date on which faculty can expect their current courses to become archived in Schoology.

    • Share instructions with faculty on how to Save Course Materials to Resources.

    • Check in with instructors who are leaving the organization. If applicable, ask them to save a copy of their materials to faculty group resources so the materials will remain accessible to their colleagues.

    • Contact your Account Manager to schedule additional training on topics such as "Building a Curriculum Repository".

  3. Review Key Modules in Schoology in Preparation for the Schoology Roll Over

    • Review the list of students, faculty and parents and inactivate their accounts if they will no longer use Schoology.

    • Review Schoology Groups

      • Archive Groups that will not be needed in the new school year

      • Create Groups if needed - permissions in Schoology can be set so that groups can be created by faculty members if you prefer

    • Create New Grading Periods in Schoology as described in this article

    • Update the Schoology Auto-Import Settings as described in the articles that pertain to your student system here

    • (Optional) Create long-term grading periods for professional development courses

    • Contact EduTech and your Schoology account manager if you are making tech changes such as distributing iPads or switching SIS.

At the Start of Each New School Year

  • By at least the end of August of each school year, spot-check a few courses and enrollments in Schoology to ensure they match what is displayed in your student system

  • Restart the Parent Email Digests if your school has created any

  • Send Instructors a checklist with instructions on how to configure new courses and populate them with materials from Resources in Schoology