Adding a "Schoology Override" to Faculty Records

When the process that passes data to Schoology runs, it does its very best to GUESS at what type of account each Faculty member in SchoolTool should have, when their account information is passed to Schoology.

Although the account types listed below can vary from school to school, typically the types of accounts that you can have in Schoology are:

  • Teacher - usually reserved just for staff who teach courses and do not perform any special duties at the school (are not a teacher leader for example)

  • Advisor - usually reserved for guidance officers or other staff that perform special duties at the school (i.e. teacher leaders)

  • Building Admin - usually reserved for Principals and other leaders at the school, which provides the user with additional access to Schoology that a teacher would not otherwise have including having the ability to manage some elements of data in the system

  • System Admin - usually reserved for a limited audience, as this provides the user with FULL RIGHTS to Schoology, including giving the ability to add and delete data for all buildings.

  • No Account - this option can be used when the user should not receive a Schoology account, or is otherwise no longer employed at the school



What can you do when the process that does the "guessing" - guesses wrong?

Since SchoolTool is "THE BOSS" of the data in Schoology, most of the guess making occurs based on information that's in the users SchoolTool Faculty record. So for example, the "Type" of faculty member the user is listed as, or the "Department" they are in can help indicate what type of account they should have in Schoology (e.g. a type of "Principal" in SchoolTool with default to giving you a "Building Admin" account in Schoology).

Because no system is perfect, when it "guesses wrong" you can simply use the following steps to "override" the type of account SchoolTool thinks you should have in Schoology. Most of the time the programming "guesses" correctly, so you should only need to put in a very small number of overrides for users, and only once per user.


**IMPORTANT: Use this procedure ONLY in situations where the role that a specific staff member has already received in eDoctrina, doesn't match the role you want them to have. Otherwise, there should be no reason to put an override on faculty records.



  1. Log into SchoolTool as you would normally if you aren't already logged in

  2. Use the Faculty module to search for the staff member whom you wish to enter an override for

  3. Open the staff member's Faculty Record by clicking the blue Triangle that appears to the right of the staff members name

  4. In the lower portion of the faculty record click on the "User Defined" tab

    **Hint: if you do not see the "User Defined" tab when viewing faculty records, contact your school's SchoolTool Admin and request that your permissions be updated so that you can see this tab while in the FACULTY module.

  5. Below, change the field that appears to the left below in the "Details" area to "Schoology Override" as illustrated below, assuming it isn't already set to this


  6. Click the "Plus" button to the right of the field as illustrated above - a form will appear below


  7. Leave the Start Date and End Date Fields as is, unless you wish to have the override begin and end on a specific date

  8. Change the "Role Override" field to the represent the role you would like the user to have in Schoology

  9. Above, click the Save icon to save your changes - within 6 hours the staff member will be granted the role you selected in the previous step in Schoology