Schoology Schooltool App Settings

In situations where Schoology has been configured to receive it's data via the Schooltool Application Programming Interface (API), Schoology administrators will benefit from familiarizing themselves with the "Schoology Schooltool App" which is part of Schoology and is usually added as part of implementing Schoology.

Schoology Schooltool App


When this app is installed and functional it will appear as an option in Schoology (SchoolTool) when you click the "App Center" icon that appears in the top toolbar in Schoology:

Schoology App Center


The following tabs help to explain how each tab of the Schoology Schooltool App, can be configured to automatically populate the data that appears in Schoology from the data that is available in Schooltool:


This tab usually is configured by EduTech and typically needs no changes on a year to year basis, but its primary purpose is to provide Schoology with the URL to your school's Schooltool API and the security token needed to access the data, as well as a schedule on which to reach out to Schooltool and refresh data in Schoology.

Config Tab


This tab usually is configured by EduTech and typically needs no changes on a year to year basis, but it is used to match up the the "Buildings" that appear in Schooltool under the Maintenance>District>Buildings area or Schooltool (left side of image below), with the "Schools" that appear under the Tools>School Management>Schools in Schoology (right side of image below).  Change the mappings on this tab if and only if your school has added or removed buildings from Schooltool.

Schools Tab


This tab must be visited before the first day of classes each and every school year, in order for teachers to be able to continue to use Schoology in the new school year.  Once you've configured this tab for a given school year, typically you won't need to come back to this tab again unless a new term is added or removed from a given building in Schooltool.


  • DO NOT attempt to perform the steps that follow until you've taken the time to create NEW "Grading Periods" in Schoology as described in this article:
  • We typically suggest that you NOT attempt to configure terms for a new school year, until you're certain that the schedule for a given building has been locked in Schooltool and you've taken the time to verify that it is OK for the the teachers and students in that building to begin seeing their schedules.

To configure terms:

Terms Tab


  1. Click the "Refresh Data" link that appears in the upper right hand side of the screen - if you skip this step, you may continue to see only the terms that were last available in Schooltool, and not the NEW terms for the new school year as you would otherwise expect
  2. Click the triangle that appears to the left of a given building to expand and display the list of terms that have come in from Schooltool (left side) - verify that the dates of each term are what you would expect

    **Hint:  If the dates for the terms aren't what you would expect then check to see if the schedule for the building in Schooltool has been locked - a locked schedule suggests that the schedule has been validated and is ready for staff and students to see.  After locking the schedule for a given building, you should be able to repeat step #1 and see the dates you would expect appear.  If you don't - retrace your steps or send an email to EduTech ( for help.
  3. For each term on the left side of the screen - match it to a Schoology Grading Period on the right.  When performing this step, it will underscore the importance of naming your grading periods in Schoology in a way that makes it easy to select in Schoology

    Grading Periods Example

  4. Repeat the previous two steps until you've mapped all of the terms for each school building in Schooltool, to the corresponding Grading Terms that you've setup in Schoology
  5. Click the "Save" button that appears in the lower left of the screen to save your changes - after doing so the following should appear towards the top of the screen indicating that your changes were successful and now Schoology is ready to synchronize Class and Course data for the new school year
    Terms Confirmation