Adding Midterms and Final Exams to the Schoology Grade Book

The following steps assist teachers with entering student grades for Midterms and Final Exams to the Schoology grade book, and with adjusting the weights of both items in terms of how they count towards the students final grade.

=>IMPORTANT: The steps that follow typically only are completed by teachers whom count Midterm and/or Final Exam grades towards a students final average in their course.


  1. Navigate to the Schoology Course where you plan to add a Midterm and/or Final Exam to the grade book
  2. Click the "Gradebook" module that appears to the left to open the courses grade book
    The Schoology Grade Book Module

  3. Add a New Assignment like you would any other assignment by clicking the Plus (+) button that appears to the top right of the grade book
    Add Assignment Button

  4. From the menu that appears click "Add Assignment" - you can also choose "Add Test/Quiz" instead, but doing so will force you later to also create content for the Test/Quiz as this feature is meant to be used only when you plan to give students an online Test/Quiz using Schoology

  5. Use the "Name" field to give the assignment a name (e.g. Midterm Exam or Final Exam) and then set the due date and points fields just like you would normally for any other assignment.

  6. Click the "Grading Options" link that appears as illustrated below


  7. Check the "Set as midterm/final checkbox" that appears below the "pts" field as illustrated above - the checkbox will then move down and to the left and remain checked
  8. Set the "Period" field just above using the following as a guide:

    • Select "(No grading period)", if and only if you want the grade to be counted (weighed into) the students overall grade in the course


    • Select a specific grading period, if and only if you want the the grade to be counted (weighed into) only the grading period you select


  9. Click "Create" to create an assignment in which you can store the Midterm or Final Exam grades for students in your course
  10. Click "Grade Setup" from the course navigator on the left - the Grade Setup Screen appears
    Schoology Grade Setup Screen

  11. Modify the items that appears under the "Grading Periods & Final Weights" section of the screen using the following as a guide:
    • You can adjust the weight of the midterm or final simply and the terms (grading periods) it will be calculated into by clicking your mouse on any value that appears in the "Weight" column - the cursor will flash allowing you to use your keyboard to modify the weight
      Editing Weights Gif

    • You can also use the double arrow icon Screen_Shot_2017-07-25_at_1.57.20_PM.png to drag and move items in the list - this allows you to change the grading periods in which the item is counted (weighed) into.  For example:
      • If a midterm or final aligns with overall grading periods, it is weighted against those grading periods and calculated into the overall course grade.

      • If a midterm or final  aligns with sub-periods within a grading period, it is weighted against those sub-periods and calculated into that Grading Period’s grade.

  12. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click "Save Changes" to save the changes you made to weights if any
    Save Changes Button

  13. To add or edit student grades for midterm or final grades, click back on the "Gradebook" module on the left hand navigator
    The Schoology Grade Book Module

  14. Click the "View Settings" button that appears to the top left of the grade book as illustrated below - this menu lets you select from several ways in which you can view data in the grade book:


  15. Click Final/Midterm Material Grades from the menu that appears as illustrated above


Q: How do Midterm and Final Grades appear in the Schoology Student Report?


Midterm and Final grades display in Student Reports exactly as you arrange them in Grade Setup screen as described in this article in step 11:


  • If you chose to weight midterms or finals against any sub-periods within a grading period, they will appear as a sub-period within a grading period.
  • If you’ve weighted them against other grading periods within the course, they appear as a grading period.