Running a Manual Import

By design, Schoology will automatically import data sent to the Schoology SFTP site from your school's student system, but only as often as once every 12 hours - the setting for this appears under Import>Auto-Import at the top of the screen under the "File Setup" area.

DO NOT MODIFY THE ABOVE SETTING unless specifically instructed to do so by EduTech as doing so could break the auto-import process.

The information below provides system administrators with the steps that can be completed as needed, to manually kick off the process of importing data that's been sent to the Schoology SFTP site from the school's student system (i.e. Schooltool). The steps that follow will NOT result in causing fresh data to come in from your student system - it simply causes Schoology to "re-process" the files that were last sent to it by your student system which still occurs only once every 12 hours.

  1. Login to Schoology if you haven't already

  2. Click the "Import" Module as illustrated below

  3. Click the "Auto-Import" tab as illustrated above

  4. Scroll down the page and locate the data element that you wish to manually kick off an import for (i.e. Users, Courses, Course Enrollments)

  5. Click the "Gear" that appears to the left of the data element that located in the previous step as illustrated below

  6. From the menu that appears click the "Run Now" option as illustrated above - if you were successful in completing this step, a message will appear above the section indicating the "process has been added to the queue..." as illustrated below

  7. Click the "Status Log" to check the progress of the import, using this as a guide