Creating Grading Terms

One of the most important parts of the yearly Schoology roll-over process, involves someone at your school logging into Schoology and creating new “Grading Periods” using System Settings>Grade Settings

The “Grading Periods” that you create in Schoology MUST BE UNIQUE across all school years and all buildings.

Ideally then, when you create new grading terms each school year, they should created using the format you see in the image below including the “calendar names” and “terms” (substituting new year names and specific dates for each):

The number of terms you create for each building in Schoology (and the dates for each) need to match what’s in your student system's "Calendar" module for each building, otherwise any or all of the following will happen:

  • Data Imports for the school year will fail
  • Courses in Schoology will be archived (disappear) prematurely
  • Teachers who use the Schoology Grade Book might see that grades calculate incorrectly

The official documentation from the vendor on Grading Terms is available here if you need additional detail: