Auto-Import Settings

Courses: The following steps must be completed each school year after the data in Schoology gets rolled over. Failure to perform these steps will prevent course and section enrollment data from flowing into Schoology as expected.

  1. Log into Schoology if you haven't already with an administrative account

  2. On the left hand side of the screen click "Import"

  3. On the right-hand side of the screen click the "Auto-Import" tab

  4. Scroll down the screen and locate the "Courses" area - you may need to click the name of the section to expand it if it isn't already expanded as illustrated below

  5. Use the fields that appear in the "Grading Periods" box to map the "Term Codes" that will come from Schooltool to the new grading terms you created for the new school year using the following as a guide:

    • In the data that comes from Schooltool, each building will have it's own unique "term code" which do not change from year to year, but after you perform the roll-over in Schoology each year, you must MOVE (Cut and Paste) the codes from the prior year's building and sub-period it was associated to, to the corresponding NEW year's building and sub-period that you created

    • The unique Term Codes for each building that come from Schooltool DO NOT change year to year, and are in the following format:


      **Hint: Term codes are comprised of a Building ID followed by a Dash (-) and then a Term Indicator (e.g. T1 for term 1, T2 for term 2, etc..)

    • The Building ID for each school can be found by looking lower on the screen in the "Schools" box - DO NOT change the ID's that appear in this box, but you can use them as reference should you wish to verify the school code for a given term for a given building.

  6. Scroll back through the list of "Grading Periods" and make sure that no two grading periods have the same term code mapped to them - if this is the case data will import incorrectly and courses may not appear as expected

  7. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click SAVE to save your changes and to complete the steps in this section