Auto-Export Settings

The following settings must be modified at the beginning of each school year so that the Schoology Grade Book Passback feature can continue to pass data to your student system for the current school year.

  1. Log into Schoology if you haven't already
  2. Click Tools>School Management>Export
  3. Click the "Auto-Export" tab
  4. In the lower portion of the screen, click the export titled "gradebooks" - details about the export will appear below
    Sample Export Screen
  5. Scroll down through the settings that appear, and locate the "Grading Periods" section
  6. Click the Greater Than symbol (>) that appears to the right of "Grading Periods" to expand that section as illustrated below:
    Grading Periods Expander
  7. Scroll through the list of grading periods that appear next, and un-check those that have passed to deselect them
  8. Scroll again through the list of grading periods, and now check those that are current and in the future including the overall school year grading period (the parent) if any exist
    Image showing grading periods selected

  9. After completing the previous step, check to ensure the total number of grading periods you selected is what you might expect and/or scroll through the entire list again to make sure that ONLY the appropriate current year grading periods are checked
  10. Scroll to the bottom of the screen making NO other changes to the settings that appear, and click SAVE to save your changes