Using Your Address Book

You can use the "Address Book" feature in SchoolMessenger to add and store contacts who may not be part of the normal data imports into SchoolMessenger but are those users that you'd still like to have broadcasts sent to regularly (i.e. District Residents).  Once a contact is saved in your Address Book, they can be very quickly located and selected as part of creating or modifying SchoolMessenger lists (lists can be shared).

The SchoolMessenger "Address Book" feature can be accessed at any time, from any screen within your SchoolMessenger account by clicking on the "Address Book" link that appears in the upper right portion of the screen as illustrated below:

To add contacts to your address book:

  1. Open your "Address Book" by clicking the "Address Book" link as illustrated above
  2. Click the  button that appears to the upper right of the "Contacts" list.
    Contact Detail

  3. Type the contacts First Name in the "First Name" field
  4. Type the contacts Last Name into the "Last Name" field
  5. Use the "Language Preference" field to identify the primary language that the contact speaks - this will be the language that they hear spoken messages sent from SchoolMessenger in
  6. Enter address information for the contact if you wish, which can be used to send broadcast messages if they are sent to a specific City or Zip code for example.  

  7. Scroll down and locate the "Phone Settings" area
    Phone Settings

  8. Type the contact's "Primary Phone Number" (the phone they wish to receive the majority of messages to) into the "Phone 1" field
  9. Use the check boxes that appear in the "Preferences" area under the phone number to specify which types of broadcasts should be delivered to the "device" (devices include Phones, Email Accounts and Phones capable of receiving SMS messages)
  10. Repeat the previous two steps for any remaining "Phone" fields if desired - depending on your setup, you may be able to provide anywhere from up to 1 additional phone for the contact, or several additional phones.  Only provide as many phone numbers as the contact needs to have messaged.
  11. Generally repeat the previous steps for the sections labeled "Email" and "SMS" settings if applicable and desired
    Email and SMS settings

  12. When you have finished adding all the contact's information and have set the "Preferences" for each section, click the   button at the bottom left of the screen to save your changes - the contact will now appear under in the Contacts table that appears at the lower portion of the screen.  

    The contact records you add using the steps above are saved in your personal SchoolMessenger account and can be accessed when creating a list, that can then be shared with anyone you like in SchoolMessenger (lists you create can be shared).