Troubleshooting Frontline Sync for SchoolTool

When student data that appears in SchoolTool isn't automatically making it's way into Frontline products, almost always bad data in SchoolTool is the cause.  In order to discover and resolve the most common data issues in SchoolTool, use the following information in the order it appears, which can be used as a step-by-step way to check each data element in SchoolTool that affects the Frontline Sync.

  1. The student's enrollment must represent an "In-District" enrollment --or-- have the "Is Placed" checkbox checked on the enrollment:
    In and Out of District Illustration

    **Hint: "In-District" means that the upper radio button on the enrollment record has been marked and a building has been selected that represents a physical building on the school's campus or property.

  2. The student must have at least one contact that appears on the "Contacts" tab in SchoolTool, where all of the following is true:

    • The contact must have a relationship to the student which has been purposely selected by your CSE Chair (i.e. Father, Mother, etc..) - you can obtain the list of relationships that are currently being used to select and send contact data to Frontline IEP by sending an email to
    • The contact must have the "Receives Mail" setting checked on their contact record
      Receives Mail is Not Checked

  3. For any of the contact records that are sent to Frontline IEP for a given student, the contact must have an address associated to them (e.g. their contact record on the "Contacts" tab in SchoolTool can't display "No Address Available").
    No Address Available Sample

  4. An address must appear for the student in the upper right hand side of their SchoolTool student record, which must represent a physical address (not a mailing address):
    Address Call Out
  5. Nowhere in any of the demographic data that's on file for the student and their contacts in SchoolTool (i.e. Name, Address, Phone Number) can there be any special characters (e.g. no ampersands => &)
  6. When on file, email addresses, phone numbers, county names and zip codes must be present and valid (i.e. 1234 is not a valid phone number, and not a valid zip code).

The following lists the fields that are sent to Frontline IEP for each type of data that is sent (i.e. Student, Guardian and Address data) - be sure to check each tab and each field carefully, as skipping just one item can make you miss what's wrong: