Posting eDoctrina Test Grades to your SchoolTool Grade Book

When enabled by your school's SchoolTool Administrator, the following steps can be used to post the grades that students receive for tests processed using eDoctrina, directly to their SchoolTool grade book as assignments.


  1. Log into eDoctrina if you haven't already
  2. Click Answer Sheet or from the main screen navigate to the "Teacher Dashboard"

  3. Use the "Select Students" area at the top of the screen to select the Course and Class (Sections) that you want to post test scores to in SchoolTool

  4. Use the "Select Assessments" area just below to choose the specific assessment (test) that you want to post scores for

  5. Below click the "Check Student Answers" button - the "Answer entry/verification" screen appears next displaying the list of students and their scores

  6. Verify the scores the students received on the test just like you would any other test in eDoctrina - this is an important step which should be carefully completed so that scores you post to SchoolTool are correct

    **Hint: Any changes that you might make to scores in either system after completing the steps in this article, will not be automatically posted to either system. If you make changes to scores in one system after completing this step, the same changes must then also be made to the other system manually. Neither SchoolTool nor eDoctrina currently will automatically synchronize any changes that you might make to test scores.

  7. Once you've verified that all of the test scores are correct, next confirm that the list of courses that appears in the "Classes" area is correct, and consists ONLY of the courses you wish to post scores to (there is no "undo" feature) as illustrated below

  8. Assuming you have validated the scores for the test and the list of classes currently showing on the screen, to the top right of the screen next click the "Send Scores to SchoolTool" button as illustrated below:

  9. When the "Send Scores for Assignment" screen appears next, confirm that the list of students that will have their test scores posted to SchoolTool is correct - if not, either click cancel on this screen to retrace your steps --OR-- uncheck any students whom you do not wish to post test grades for.

    **Hint: This is an important last step as there is currently no "undo" feature.
  10. Once you have confirmed that the list of students is correct, click the "Proceed" button that appears at the bottom right of the screen as illustrated below:

  11. Click "Dismiss" when the Success message appears to continue to the next step - scores have been sent to the SchoolTool grade book for the courses you verified in step #7

  12. Log into SchoolTool if you haven't already
  13. From the main "My Home" screen in SchoolTool, open the grade book for the course(s) you verified in step #7 previously, just like you would any course by clicking the courses "Grade Book" icon from the classes list as illustrated below

    **Hint: If you're doing this as a SchoolTool Administrator, you'll need to use the "Assume Identity" feature to assume the identity of the teacher you're working with, before completing this step.

  14. Use the "View" menu in the top left of the screen to change to the "Import Assignments/Grades" view - you should click "OK" if you are prompted to confirm the message warning you about changes not being saved as illustrated below

    **Hint: If the "Import Assignments/Grades" view is not visible to you, it means that your school's SchoolTool Administrator has not enabled this feature for your use. Contact them for assistance with adding this feature to your SchoolTool accounts "Security Group".

  15. Use the "Jump To" field to switch to the appropriate class (section) as illustrated below - the section you "jump to" must match one of the courses you chose when you performed step #7 (you must choose a section that you previously posted test scores to while using eDoctrina)

  16. Assuming you choose a valid Course/Section, the details about the test you posted from eDoctrina will appear just below as illustrated in the image above - use the following as a guide with regard to understanding the fields that appear here:

    • Select the test(s) you want to convert to an Assignment by checking the box to the far left of the test name - failure to remember to do this for at least one item will result in no action being taken later in the process.

    • Modify the "Name" (upper) and "Description" (lower) fields that appear in the "Name/Description" field to make them shorter or more descriptive if desired - what you enter here will impact how the test looks in your Grade Book and on the Parent Portal as an assignment when it's converted

      **Hint: What you type into the "Description" field (lower) is what parents will see when they view the assignment from the Parent Portal, so be sure that this field is more descriptive, while the "Name" field (upper) is what only you will see when viewing the assignment from the grade book (see image above), so what you type in this field can be shorter and more esoteric if you like (only understandable to you).

    • Date: Set this field in this column to represent the date on which the test was administered if the date is not already the date of the test
    • MP: Set the field in this column to represent the marking period in which the test was administered assuming the value that appears here doesn't already represent this
    • Category: Use the field in this column to specify which category in the grade book, the test should be assigned to once it is converted into an assignment - by selecting an appropriate category now, you will be sure that this test is counted as expected in the student's marking period grade.
    • Points: Use the fields in this column to specify how the test should be counted into the students marking period grade like you would any other assignment, being sure mark "Numeric" if the test scores are numeric (i.e. 0-100) or "Other" if the test scores are alphanumeric for example (i.e. A,B,C,D,E,F).

      Regardless of which you choose, be sure to use the field that appears to the right to also enter the total number of points the test is worth if you marked "Numeric", or the grading scale to use if you marked "Other". Failure to do this might make it so that scores for the test aren't counted the way you want them to be later.
    • Parent Access: use the checkboxes in this column to indicate if scores for this test should appear as an assignment in the Parent Portal (first box), and if any notes you might give to an individual students score in the grade book, should also appear on the parent portal (second box).
    • Incl in Avg: check the box that appears in this column to tell SchoolTool to count the test scores the students received into the students marking period average - if you don't check this box, the grades will appear in the grade book, but not count towards the students marking period average.
    • Re-Validate the Test Scores that have come over from eDoctrina by clicking the "Blue I" that appears in the "Grades" column to the far right of the test that appears in the view

  17. After successfully reviewing/completing the items in the previous step, click the "Save Selected Changes" button as illustrated below

  18. After confirming that the "...Assignment(s) Updated" message appears as illustrated above, use the "View" field to switch to the "Grade Book Editor Screen" to confirm that the test was converted to an assignment as expected

  19. Repeat steps 14 through 19 for any other course (sections) you might have chosen and validated back in step #7