Creating Flex Users

The purpose of creating or identifying user accounts in eDoctrina as "Flex Users" is to prevent accounts that you create MANUALLY in eDoctrina, from being automatically removed the next time that eDoctrina refreshes its data from your student system.

The following steps assist you with modifying user accounts in eDoctrina and making them "Flex Users":

  1. Login to eDoctrina if you haven't already
  2. Using the menus at the top of the screen click Settings>Users>Users
    Users Module

  3. Perform ONE of the following actions:
    • Use the "Search" field to the top left of the screen to search for the user you'd like to make a "Flex User"
    • Click the "Create" button to make a new user account if needed, and fill out the fields at the top of the screen as you would normally
  4. Scroll down the screen and locate the "Advanced Settings" area
    Flex User Checkbox
  5. Click the "Flex user" checkbox as illustrated above to check it, if it isn't already checked
  6. Scroll to the very bottom of the screen and click the "Save and Close" button to save your changes