Selecting Recipients

When sending messages you can select recipients by groups, schools, grades, a map and even individually. There are various ways to select recipients.

To send a message to community members - users outside the district that sign up to receive notifications - select the Community Member group.

  1. From Send Messages module, click the "Choose" link that appears to the right of the Recipients area.
  2. Select a search method to add recipients:
    • From a list: Use this option to type a recipient's name in into the Search box. Or select a group from the list, or open the group and select specific users.
    • From a file with IDs: Use this option to upload a file with a list user IDs in it, that match accounts that are already in Mass Notify.
    • From a file with addresses: Use this option to upload a list of individuals which contains their email address and phone number (they don't necessarily need to be in Mass Notify already), and then send a message to them. 

      **Hint: The information contained in the list you upload using this method, is used only temporarily, therefore the data is NOT stored in Mass Notify after the fact.
    • From a map: Use this option to select users based on their location on a map (assuming an address for the individual is on file in Mass Notify).
    • Advanced search: Use this option to find students based on select fields in Mass Notify (e.g. find students in 5 grade who ride bus 64)
  3. Select Done.


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