Save a Message for Re-Use

By default, any message that you send will be automatically saved by Mass Notify making it available for you to re-use in the future.   However, the specific "Recipients" that were chosen when the message was last sent are NOT saved, which require you to select new recipients each time a saved message is re-used.

Messages that have been sent either by yourself, a system administrator, or those that come by default from Blackboard appear in the "Saved Messages" area that displays by default when you first click the "Create a Message" button from the main Mass Notify screen:

Saved Messages Area


You'll notice that there are different folders listed in the "Saved Messages" area that you can click and expand:

Mass Notify Saved Message Types

Inside each folder, the "Subject" of the message appears which was given to each message when it was sent by the sender.  The "Subject" of a message is typed into the first field that appears in the top left of the screen by the user that sends the message, as illustrated below:

Message Subject Field


In addition to the "Subject", the following provides information on each type of message that will appear inside each folder:

  • User Created: If the message were created by a Mass Notify user (includes you) it is identified by an image of a person, and can be edited, copied, and deleted as needed.
  • Admin Created: If the message was created a user with "district administrator" rights in Mass Notify, it is identified by an image of a building.  These messages can only be copied!
  • System Created: If the message was created by Blackboard and is part of the product, it is identified with the Blackboard Logo.  These messages can't be edited, copied, or deleted.

The specific folder that a message appears in when selecting it from the "Saved Messages" area, depends on the "Message Category" that was chosen by the sender when they last sent the message which is selected by using the "Advanced Options" feature when sending messages:

Message Category Illustration


If a user that sends a message doesn't remember to select a "Message Category" when sending the message, the message will then appear in the "Miscellaneous" folder of the "Saved Messages" area on new messages, which may make it more or less harder for you to find and re-use the message in the future.

Miscellaneous Message Type


Unfortunately, there is currently no way to change the "Message Category" of messages that have been sent, nor the "Subject" of the message after the fact.  Instead, if you'd like to change either of these items on a saved message, you'll need to delete the message and create a new one from scratch, and then send the message to save it.