Omitting Contacts by Relationship

If desired, contact information for contacts marked with a specific relationship type (e.g. "Emergency Contact") can be omitted altogether from data sent to ConnectEd.

Contact information can be omitted for contacts with the desired relationship type, regardless of the contacts position on the student's "Contacts" tab in SchoolTool (i.e. Person 1 or Person 2)

To Omit a Relationship Type: Navigate to Relationship and modify the value appearing in the "SIF Code" field for the relationship type(s) you desire to read "EX" as illustrated below.

IMPORTANT NOTE: By excluding contacts with certain relationship types, the data being sent is then changed in a way that can create situations where students will only have contact information sent for just Person 1 or just Person 2, but not both like would be the case for other students at the school.

For this reason, the order of the contacts listed for students with this option enabled, becomes absolutely important with regard to what appears in ConnectEd.

Registrars can actually change the order of the contacts that appear on the "Contacts" of Student Records if desired, as described in this article: 

Using the example above and assuming "Emergency Contacts" are to be omitted, the registrar might move the person highlighted as "Emergency Contact" into a position lower in the contacts list, and then move another contact in the list into the "Person 2" or "Person 1" position depending on what makes sense.

Doing so would then give ConnectEd TWO potential people to contact, instead of just the one that would be sent if the contact order was left as is in the image above (only Person 1 and Person 2 are sent to Connected). It is not mandatory to make the changes described in all situations, but doing so maximizes your school's potential to reach more student contacts when "Omit Emergency Contact" feature is enabled.