Managing Contact Order

This article explains the process for managing the order of the contacts that appear on the students "Contacts" tab.

For many schools, the order in which the contacts appear on the "Contacts" tab defines the order in which ancillary phone systems will call the contacts for a given student (e.g. if mom is listed first, she is called first; if dad is listed second, he is called second).

  1. Navigate to the student’s Census > Contacts tab

  2. Click the Edit button that appears on the tab - the Contacts tab will open in edit mode

  3. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and locate the "Contact Order" section as illustrated below:

  4. Make changes to the order of contacts listed there by clicking a contact to highlight it with your mouse, and then by clicking the "Move Up" or "Move Down" buttons to change the order as needed.

    **Hint: The person you place at the top of the list will be considered "Person 1" (e.g. the primary or first person to call), the next is "Person 2" (e.g. the alternate person to call), the next is "Person 3" (e.g. the emergency contact) etc. with regard to any Ancillary Systems that might be configured to automatically call student contacts.

    In terms of the "Contact Verification Form" that school's typically print and send to contacts each year, person 1 will appear as "Call Order 1", person 2 as "Call Order 2", etc..

  5. (OPTIONAL) A list of the student's "siblings" will appear to the right of the list with checkboxes - check the boxes next to each siblings name if you want to copy the contact order you are setting for this student, also to the siblings you check as well.

  6. <== Once you have reordered the contacts as desired, click the Save button that appears at the top of the Contacts tab to save your changes.