SchoolTool and Connect 5 (Connect Ed)

The articles to the right provide information on how the Blackboard Connect system synchronizes with SchoolTool. Specifically, there are three times that must be selected in order to assure that data reaches Blackboard Connect on the schedule you desire, and that calls are made to parents in the time frame you desire.

The following times must be set in order to achieve the results you might desire:

  1. Data Extraction: Set this time to represent when you want information to actually be pulled from SchoolTool.

    For Example: If you are working with Absence information, this time should represent the cut-off that you communicate to your staff. It should be well known at your school that if by this time, "Today's Absences" is NOT up to date in SchoolTool, potentially then absence calls will go out to parents they would not otherwise expect to get calls (i.e. parents of students not yet marked with an Absence reason).
  2. Data Processing: Set this time to represent the time at which the data that was extracted during the previous step, actually then gets uploaded to Blackboard Connect. This time should be at least 5 to 10 minutes after the time chosen for step #1 above, so that the SchoolTool server has time to actually process the data before it gets transferred to Blackboard Connect.
  3. Call Time: Set this time to be the EXACT time that you want Blackboard Connect to start making calls to the parents identified as part of step #1. This time should be at least 5 to 10 minutes after the time chosen for step #2 above, so that Blackboard Connect has enough time to process the data before it starts to make calls.

Unless otherwise noted, the times above have been set for you by EduTech given the information you might have provided as part of your school transitioning to Blackboard Connect.

The following articles provide you with information specific to the type of data that is being sent to Blackboard Connect.

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