Common Issues and Solutions

The following table lists common issues and solutions that occur when using ConnectEd:

Behavior or Error:Location in App:Solution:Notes:
Out of District Students aren't appearing in ConnectEd.


You do not have the authority to modify data for 0099 or the Institution Code is not mapped in Connect.


  1. Recipients>Contacts>Import

  2. Click the "View Import History" link

  3. Expand the top most import that appears in the list by hovering your mouse to the left of the date as illustrated below

    This is an image

  4. Click the "Down Arrow" button that appears to see the "Error Summary"

    This is an image

  5. Click the number that appears to the right of any given error type to download and view a spreadsheet listing the errors.

Usually this error occurs in situations where student records coming in from the Student System are being purposely marked with an arbitrary Institution ID (this their Building Code) of “0099” which is an indicator assigned ONLY to "Out of District Students" (ODP).

ODP students are those not attending classes in a physical building at the school (e.g. a student who attends a private school, or are an ALL DAY BOCES student).

The "Institution ID" of 0099 is not mapped to a SITE in ConnectEd by default, because not every school actually wants or needs to send messages home to Out of District Students.

Should the school want to send messages to ODP students, or a sub-set of students within this group (e.g. Only to ALL DAY BOCES students), the following steps can be followed to sleuth the issue:

  1. Login to ConnectEd and click Admin>Sites (Institution Codes appear in the "Code" column here)

    This is an image

  2. Edit an Existing Site --OR-- Add a NEW site (see notes to right)

  3. Click the "Modify" button to the right of the "Data Source Code" field and add "0099|" to the FRONT of anything else that appears in the field

    This is an image

    **Hint: adding the PIPE "|" is important as it acts as a separator from the other codes that might be in this field already!

  4. Click "Apply" and "Save" your changes

Before adding a NEW site to ConnectEd, remember that that site must be added manually to any existing message templates, before Contacts assigned to this site (i.e. Staff, Student, Admin, Other) will begin receiving messages.

Users whom create new calls also need to know to select the NEW site as part of their routine when sending messages assuming they don't select a template.

If a new site is required, a call must be made to Blackboard Connect to request it, as schools do not have the ability to add new sites on their own (1-800-360-2155).

If after editing or modifying a site and coding it with "0099", the number of students associated to that site is above or below what's expected, the team that supports your student system must be engaged so that the query that selects "ODP" students can be modified to include more or less students (e.g. modify the list of ODP students being sent to ConnectEd so that only students with an enrollment type of "BOCES ALL DAY" are sent to ConnectEd with Site Code "0099".