Add Voice to a Template

Before adding voice to a message, it is recommend that you have all of what you plan to speak, written out before attempting to record the message and add it to a template.

  1. Login to Connect5 if you haven't already done so
  2. Click Message Center>Templates - a list of templates that are available to you will appear
  3. Locate the template that you wish to add voice to and then hover your mouse over the template name - a set of buttons will appear to the right
  4. Click the "Edit" button (looks like a pencil) that appears to the far right of the template name as illustrated below:
    Edit Template Illustration

  5. Scroll to the lower part of the screen and click the Phone tab that appears under the Delivery Mode section - this section lets you modify the phone message that will be sent when this template is used:
    Delivery Modes

  6. In the "Phone" area that appears just below, click the Add Voice button
    Add Voice

  7. A new section will appear on the screen that looks like the following - use the information that appears just below below to add a voice message using your own voice to the template:
    Voice Audio
    • A)  Use any standard phone to call the phone number listed on the right side of the screen
    • B) Use your phone's keypad next to:
      • Enter the 6 digit "User ID" that appears just below the phone number exactly as shown on the screen
      • Enter the "Message Box ID" that appears just below exactly as shown on the screen
    • C) Record your message by speaking clearly into the phone when prompted - when you've finished recording a message, press the pound key (#) on your phone to listen to your message

      • If you would like your message to include merge fields spoken by a computer voice in your message (known as flex-fields) such as student name | date | building name, press the star button (*) on your phone as you speak to tell Connect5 where you plan to insert the flex-field in your voice message.
      • You can add multiple "segments" to the message if you prefer, by pressing 3 on your phone to input a new Message Box ID when you add the next segment.  
    • D)  Press once you've completed recording your message and then hang up 

  8. If applicable, remove any other type of message that might appear in the phone area of the template by clicking on the item to highlight it, and then by clicking the "X" that appears in the upper right of the item as illustrated below
    Text to Speech Box

    For Example:  If you record a voice message, there is no need to leave behind the "Text to Speech" element as it becomes redundant when you record a voice message.  Text to Speech is only useful in situations where you don't care to record your own voice and attach it to a template.

  9. Click the "Save Template" button to save your voice to the message template - from this point forward, anytime the template is used (i.e. automated attendance messages) recipients will hear your voice when calls are made, instead of a computerized voice reading text.