Resources for Emergency Planning

Teacher and Tech Coordinator Resources

Below are resources to aid our teachers, tech and data coordinators and other educational professionals. 

W-FL BOCES and other regional staff have curated assets for planning and delivering exceptional instruction remotely.  Please check back often, as we continuously update this list. 

Video Conferencing Guidelines (April 2020)

BOCES of NY State video conferencing guidelines.  Officials are raising concerns about security due to several reports of uninvited visitors crashing meetings.  This site is a live document designed to assist school districts with best practices for providing secure online conferencing

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For Teachers

EduTech On-line Video Resource Portal (website).  Instructional videos for MS Teams, Google Classroom, Schoology videos.

AccelerateU Classroom - student courses (pdf) In addition to offering 300+ online courses using our teachers, AccelerateU offers a blended learning option – using your teacher as the “teacher of record”

Free online resources document (pdf) A list of E-learning platforms like Tynker and IReady.

Shake Up Learning Resource (website) Online-learning tips for teachers and schools interview with American teacher in China.

Catlin Tucker Resource (website) Tips for Designing an Online Learning Experience Using the 5 Es Instructional Model.

Teaching Remotely in Times of Need (Powerpoint)  Torrey Trust, Ph.D. University of Massachusetts Amherst.

Educator Guide - Supporting Students during a School Closure (i-Ready) Educator Guide: Supporting Students during a School Closure for At Home learning.

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Teaching online is virtually worth it (Moodle course) to access course, username:  guest-user pass:  guest-user1

March 2020 - Resources for Students and Teachers (pdf) Different E-learning platforms described with free options.  Like Edmentum, Dreambox and Answer Pad.

The Concord Consortium - Resources for Online Learning (website) Engage your students with scientifically accurate virtual labs—free today and always!

Teach From Home (website) - A temporary hub of information and tools to help teachers during the COVID-19 crisis.

Microsoft Education Blog (website) How schools can ramp up remote learning programs quickly with Microsoft Teams.

Learning Keeps Going (website)  Coronavirus is posing unprecedented challenges to schools, colleges and universities around the globe. To help you keep the learning going, a coalition of education organizations has curated free tools, strategies, tips and best practices for teaching online

Early Learning Resources (Grades PK-3) (pdf) The following are examples of play activities you can complete with your child using common everyday learning experiences.

Cyber Security & Privacy Reminders!

Don't get Phished - phishing emails are a common method cyber attackers use.

Don't Give Away Passwords - Establish strong unique passwords.  Don't write them down and leave in places people will see.

Watch Out For Free Stuff - Be careful of what you download.  Consult your IT department before establishing free accounts for students.

Offsite Work Environment Reminders - Separate work areas from non-work areas.  Shred documents with sensitive information.

For Tech Coordinators

RIC One Pandemic Planning  (pdf) This resource is a support tool to assist educational agencies with pandemic planning related to continuity of instruction and continuity of critical operational functions.

Content Based Resources for Educators (pdf)  W-FL BOCES and Instructional Technology staff developers resource sorted by content area.

EduTech Essay - Pandemic Edition - EduTech support and direction VPN, BOMGAR,  work from home reminders.

Data Privacy Resources  - COVID-19 and Ed Law 2-d Security & Privacy Resources for School Districts and BOCES.  As teachers, students, and school leaders work remotely, questions have arisen about student data privacy and security related to compliance with Ed. Law 2-d and Part 121 of the Commissioner's Regulations.

Virtual Professional Learning Sessions

Options for educators from across the Wayne-Finger Lakes region to connect and learn during this unique time.

Week of June 1-5, 2020 (pdf)
Week of May 26-29th, 2020 (pdf)
Week of May 18-22, 2020 (pdf)
Week of May 11-15, 2020 (pdf)
Week of May 4-8, 2020 (pdf)
Week of April 27-May 1st, 2020 (pdf)
Week of April 20-24, 2020 (pdf)
Week of April 13-17, 2020 (pdf)
Week of April 6-10, 2020 (pdf)
Week of March 30-April 3, 2020 (pdf)
Week of March 23-27, 2020 (pdf) 

Instructional Technology Recordings, a playlist of instruction resources from our Staff Development team.

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Instructional Technology Playlist