LAKENet Stands for

Learning Access Knowledge Education Network and supports the data needs of nearly 200 buildings in 8 counties.

LAKENet continues to make improvements to available bandwidth and security in the original cloud that was implemented in 1997.

In a typical day...

LAKENet blocks over 2,500 pieces of malware. We also stop 2,000 viruses and 625,000 SPAM messages.

LAKENet Processes over 900 URL requests per second for component districts.

The LAKENet service is not just a line to and from the internet. EduTech LAKENet Services include:

  • Internet Access
  • Exchange and Google email support
  • E-Mail Archiving
  • Private Cloud Services
  • Web Based Email Service
  • Anti-SPAM and Anti-Virus for all supported E-Mail
  • Wide Area Network support & maintenance
  • Network Hardware Maintenance
  • Capacity Monitoring/Statistics
  • Disaster Recovery/Redundant internet paths
  • Content Filtration – Customized per District
  • In district content filtration management available
  • E-Rate Processing
  • IP-Addressing
  • Domain Name management/registration services (DNS)
  • Security certificates, Firewall Protection, Anti-Virus on LAKENet servers
  • Assistance with network violations such as criminal and policy violations
  • Application Support for Web Based Applications
  • Cooperative Equipment
  • Web Hosting available
  • VPN (Virtual Private Network) remote access services available
  • Remote and Local Troubleshooting

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