Engineering Strand



Three Little Pigs
Meghan Glover & Stephanie Piper, (Canandaigua CSD)

Standards addressed: K-PS2-1, K-PS2-2
Grade(s): K
Subject(s): Science

Students will have three materials to choose from: paper, cloth and wood. Students will work together in teams to decide which material they would like to use to build a house for the three little pigs that will not blow over when the big bad wolf comes. After choosing a material, groups will design a house for their three little pigs. Then, they will test their first structure. The teacher will take the big bad wolf (a blow dryer) and try to knock the house down. Then, the groups will have a chance to revise and change their structures. Again, they will test their designs with the big bad wolf. The class will then reflect on their learning and findings.

Twenty-One Elephants
Karen Blowers & Michelle Andrews, (Waterloo CSD)

Standards addressed: K-2-ETS1-1, K-2-ETS1-2
Grade(s): 2
Subject(s): ELA

Students engaged in a read aloud during library: Twenty-One Elephants and Still Standing. They are also introduced to the Engineering Design Process (EDP). The task is to build the strongest bridge using the EDP.



Leprechaun Trap
Maureen Kanaley-Massina, (Canandaigua CSD)

Standards addressed: None
Grade(s): K
Subject(s): Science

Students work as a team to create a leprechaun trap to help understand push and pull motion.

Climb the Mountain
Brain Askin, (Lyons Elementary)

Standards addressed: K-2-ETS1.1, K-2-ETS1-2, K-2-ETS1-3
Grade(s): K-2
Subject(s): STEM

Students were tasked with creating a car that could climb four different inclined planes at increasing angles. This is a two week activity.




Withstanding an Earthquake
Stacey Arnold, (Sodus CSD)

Standards addressed: NGSS 4-ESS3-2
Grade(s): 4
Subject(s): None

Students work as a team to create a leprechaun trap to help understand push and pull motion.

Middle School/6-8

Slowest Ramp
Kasha Grisley & Lisa Clemons, (Wayne CSD)

Standards addressed: NY-6.RP.2, NY-6.RP.3, NY-6.RP.3b, MS-ETS1-1, MS-ETS1-1
Grade(s): 6
Subject(s): MATH

Students collaborate in groups to design and create a prototype of the slowest ramp for a ping pong ball using only paper and tape.