Shared Coordinator of Technology Integration Service

The Shared Coordinator of Technology Integration will work with multiple districts in the EduTech region acting as a point of contact for instructional technology integration in the school district.

Typical responsibilities of the position include:

  • Serves as resource for technology planning through technology committees for the district.
  • Works with teachers to integrate technology into the curriculum
  • Provides professional development, workshops for faculty and staff on the usage of existing as well as new and emerging instructional technology.
  • Conducts research on current and developing technology capabilities in regards to their ability to enhance instruction within the district – software and hardware.
  • Participates on the rollout, implementation of new technology in the district.
  • Provides input to district administration for the creation, justification and management of the technology budget and/or projects.
  • Other duties as assigned by component district superintendent or their designee.

Districts that join this service would have a .5 staff member in their buildings to help with training, coaching, modeling with personalized learning. District leaders can work with EduTech Instructional Technology to help develop a customized plan around planning, implementation and rollout of personalized learning.


District leaders will designate a contact to work directly with EduTech Instructional Technology.

District contact will work with EduTech Instructional Technology to develop goals and a plan regarding roles and responsibilities for shared staff.

Shared Staff will receive resources, training, and support from EduTech in regards to the rollout of personalized learning or any other technology integration initiative.

Shared Staff will be supervised by Dr. Kelli Eckdahl

For more information about the service contact Kelli Eckdahl at