Mobile Video Conferencing Unit

“Sheldon” and “Penny” are virtual presence devices that utilize mobile devices and wireless networks.

Schools will now have the option for students who cannot physically attend school to continue with their studies. The unit will allow students to keep up with coursework and keep in touch with friends and teachers at school.

“Sheldon” or “Penny” will allow:

  • Medically ill or fragile students to hear and see the teacher and classmates, answer questions, join discussions, watch videos and demonstrations.
  • Medically ill or fragile students to participate fully in class and other school activities.
  • Teachers to observe other teachers teaching
  • Accelerated students to attend higher level classes in other buildings (elementary vs. high school).
  • Students who are on crutches or wheelchair bound a break in following their schedule.

Through a free app that includes touch screen controls on the iPad, iPhone or laptop, the student will be able to remotely raise and lower the screen to simulate sitting and standing and be able to roll the unit down the hallway at school to get to classes. The Double Robotics Robot is a “remote controlled car with a camera attached to it.”

To schedule a demonstration or to use “Sheldon” or “Penny”

Fill out the Contact Form at the bootom of the page.
Call: 1-585-768-2492 ext. 6608.

picture of robot devices lined up next to each other

It's Easy...

No extensive setup is needed. A docking station is provided so that the student can charge the unit at the end of the day. There is little in-district technical support needed. Please be aware that the performance of device is dependent upon the quality of your wireless network.

It is recommended that these devices be assigned an escort (student) as they move from class to class and a timed head start to ensure a timely arrival moving from class to class. Fees all aidable through EduTech.

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