Virtual Field Trips

Virtual Field Trips can help students travel around the world, into space, and even back in time. These experiences can heighten students’ motivation, memory retention, and improve communication and presentation skills. The visual connection and interaction leaves a distinct impression and provides a forum for a greater connection with the outside world.

Schedule a Virtual Field Trip or Collaboration

Step 1: Select and choose your Virtual Field Trip (Please note to submit your request at least three weeks in advance of your event)

Step 2: Confirm that your school will pay the costs, if applicable, and if there is a cost EduTech will pay the provider and then send a bill to your business office.

Step 3: Please complete the following online form entirely and if you need assistance with your request, please contact Kelli Eckdahl at or 1-585-768-2492 ext. 6608.

Step 4: You will receive confirmation via email from EduTech. (You may be asked to test the connection prior to the day of the event)

Step 5: Some content providers may provide materials, please make sure you have them ready prior to your event.