Instructional Technology

EduTech Instructional Technology Department offers technology training for teachers, administrators, clerical staff and any others who need to be skilled in the use of computers and peripherals. Instructional Technology Specialists can also offer a variety of services to help teachers integrate technology into the curriculum.

Training Services

Catalog of Workshops– The EduTech training catalog is a publication that is released three times a year with scheduled workshops both during the school day and after school. Offerings include workshops that range from developing basic computer skills to advanced training that promotes integration of technology into the classroom-learning environment.

On-Site Training -EduTech Staff can travel to your district to do on-site training to meet your staff’s specific needs and skill sets. Training is conducted in the participating district’s computer lab. Workshops can be conducted in a number of sessions dependant upon the topic.

Want a workshop in a specific area? We can coordinate your technology needs so you can still receive state aid on fees and substitute costs.

Customized Training- EduTech Staff can customize and modify training to meet your staff’s needs. Whether it’s one-on-one training or a whole department. We can adjust so that everyone has a positive learning experience.

Conference Day Training- Need a presenter for conference day? EduTech staff can come to your school district and train from a half day to a full day workshop.

Conference Day Planning-Need help planning your next Superintendent’s Conference day? EduTech staff can help you plan, organize and connect you with presenters to meet your conference themes.

Project-Based Training-Provides concentrated support for project-based technology activities. Specialists can work with your teachers and students on a project of a specific duration and provide modeling that are used in the district.

Presentations-Want to introduce your faculty to a particular technology? Let the EduTech Training Team present at your next faculty meeting to raise awareness of a particular technology.

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Dr. Kelli Eckdahl
Director - EduTech