Reporting Tools

Level Zero

An application and database hosted at EduTech that is the initial database in the NYS Data Warehouse. Level 0 allows you to import, edit, verify and export data.

Level 0 Access Form

Level 1-Cognos

This level of the NYS Data Warehouse is maintained by WNYRIC and includes data for all the districts in the region.

Level 1 Access Form

L2RPT – Level 2 Reports

Level 2 Reports (L2RPT) reflect statewide (Level 2) data in the Student Information Repository System (SIRS), are made available through distributed applications at the regional (Level 1) Data Centers, and are aggregated to the region at which they are hosted.

L2RPT Report Guides

Level 0 Historical

The Level 0 Historical application will provide the sole process for updating individual student historical data that currently reside within the data warehouse. Historical records are defined as any data warehouse record submitted prior to the current school year. The data areas currently available for view and update are: Demographics, Enrollment, Programs Fact and Assessment Fact.

Level 0 Historical Resources

PD Data System

The PD Data System is a tool for districts and agencies to verify and certify special ed data that is reported through the Student Information Reporting System, read general messages from VESID, submit PD 6 and PD 8 Data and update contact Information.

Special Ed Data Collection Information

TAA - Teacher Access and Authorization System

The Teacher and Access Authorization System is a system that allows teachers and principals to verify their Teacher Student Data Link (TSDL) information as well as report and verify electronic Personnel Master File (ePMF) information.

Staff Reporting Guidance