Data Coordinator Meeting Materials

Data Coordinator Meetings

Spring Data Coordinator Meeting 6/18/2020
Fall Data Coordinator meeting September 2019 

Review the reporting requirements and NYS updates in order to meet end of year data deadlines.

Data Coordinator Meeting includes:

  • Data Security
  • Staff Evaluation Reporting
  • SIRS Reporting Requirements Updates
  • Level 0 Load Schedule
  • Test Scoring and Computer Based Testing
  • Reporting Reminders
  • Important Dates

Additional NYS Data Reporting Resources

NYSED Information Reporting Services
SIRS Data Sources - by district
ESSA (Every Student Succeeds Act)

Data Coordinator Series

For new and veteran Data Coordinators to review timely topics and advance skills.

Data Coordinator Series includes:

  •  Data Reporting
  •  Data Loading Cycle
  •  Data Tools
  •  SIRS
  •  19-20 Reporting Timeline at a Glance
  •  Staff Evaluation Changes and Reporting

View the full Data Coordinator Series Session 1 here. September 2019 (pdf)

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