Data Coordinator Meeting Materials

Data Coordinator Meetings

Session IV December 2020

Session III November 2020

Session II October 2020

Session I September 2020 

Spring Data Coordinator Meeting 6/18/2020 (PowerPoint)

Fall Data Coordinator meeting 9/2019 (pdf)

Review the reporting requirements and NYS updates in order to meet end of year data deadlines.

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Data Coordinator Series

For Data Coordinators to review timely topics and advance skills.

Data Coordinators Meeting Webinar
December 16th 2020 (video)

View the full Data Coordinator Series Session II
October 2020 (Video)

View the full Data Coordinator Series Session 1. September 2019 (pdf)

Term Guide

Below is a definition guide for commonly used acronyms including a Category and a direct link to a related resource.  Click in the Term box below to search for a term.  Terms are listed in ascending order.