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EduTech SIRS Calendar of Events

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October 18, 2019: 2018-19 Staff Evaluation Overall Ratings & Subcomponent scores due.

2018-19 Staff Evaluation scores and ratings to fulfill data reporting requirements under Education Law 3012- d. Staff Evaluation data submission is one factor in a school district's eligibility for 2019-20 State Aid. Further information regarding Staff Evaluation data submission will be available in the fall of 2019.

Applicable to: Public School Districts, BOCES
Read More about due:StaffEvaluationOverallRatings&SubcomponentScores
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October 25, 2019: 2018-19 Statement of Confirmation of Staff Evaluation Rating Verification Report. Certify the accuracy of the Staff Evaluation data submitted as of the October 18 deadline. 

This form can be accessed and must be submitted via SED Monitoring in NYSED's Application Business Portal. 

Applicable to: Public School Districts, BOCES
Read More about due:StatementOfConfirmation:StaffEvaluationRatingVerification