"I had a wonderful time with this course. I learned so much about writing that I didn't even know about, like new forms of poetry and stuff. I even learned about script writing, which is something I'm very interested in! This course was a pleasure to be a part of. I feel like my writing had improved fantastically, and it was helpful to have reminders from teachers like Ms. Bennett and Mr. Morone to keep me focused! I would sincerely like to thank everyone that helped me with my learning. It has encouraged me to go further, read, and write more than I had been doing at the time, partially out of low confidence and partially out of bad time management. So, once again, thank you!"
-Tarrytowns Union Free School District

Photo of former student completing work at her kitchen table with her laptop and a big smile on her face

"I believe it is safe to say that if you are reading this, you are an ambitious student with a thirst for knowledge, in charge of your future, and ready to challenge yourself. If you are such student, let me inform you on an opportunity that will develop and enhance your skill set. For the past two years, I have taken five online courses in which one of those courses (AP Spanish), I took through AccelerateU. Spanish is the only language offered in my high school where students can take it several years and gradually understand the language more thoroughly. I fell in love with the language and the cultures that accompanied it. Due to the depth of my grasp of Spanish, I was offered the opportunity to take AP Spanish and I readily accepted. The catch; the entire course was online! This fact did not daunt me at all since I have had prior experience with online courses, however I have never learned a language online. For the past three years, I have sat in a classroom surrounded by other students learning Spanish from a teacher standing at the front of the classroom! But who doesn't want a challenge?

The online course AP Spanish was structured into two semesters that were 20 weeks each. A daily/weekly/monthly (which ever each student prefers) calendar was provided in which daily assignments, lessons, and notes were posted. The course was similar to a regular in school course in which a professor was available to answer any questions and provide assistance. However, this course was self-taught in many regards. Nonetheless, the AccelerateU program is easy to navigate. Whenever I came across a problem, I just sent an email to the AccelerateU administrator who always fixed the problem promptly AND I received reminders via email regarding my course progress.

It was beneficial for myself as a student to receive constant feedback from my professor. This level of attention improved my understanding of Spanish significantly and I couldn't be anymore happier at the results. Online learning is a challenge, but to me, it is worth it especially through AccelerateU where any of you can build a foundation of online learning. So if you are up to an educational challenge, then welcome to the realm of AccelerateU!!!"
-Marcus Whitman High School

"...I enjoyed my online experience with AccelerateU, the teacher and staff really helped make sure that I was on track and that I was not overwhelmed because the last thing you want to happen is you on your laptop, eyes dried from staring at the screen, trying to catch up a weeks worth of work, and you ripping your hair out. Trust me, you'll come out at the end of the tunnel more prepared for college (if you plan on going) than everyone else in your classroom because online courses really test your discipline and management. Highly recommend!"
-Geneva High School

A former student smiling surrounded by cherry blossom trees

"When our high school was unable to find a Latin teacher replacement mid-year, our senior class jumped on AccelerateU and seamlessly completed our third year language requirement so we could graduate! Thank you AccelerateU!"
-Westhampton Beach High School

"My online schooling experience was one of the most incredible things that has ever happened in my life. I struggled in school starting in my 8th grade year with some issues and they never really seemed to go away. Being allowed to do my entire senior year online not only tested me, but showed me what I am truly capable of. Throughout my online schooling career, I picked up a part time job as well. I was able to to do my schooling from 8am to 2pm every day, work two hours in the day, come back home at 4pm and continue working on school work and then return to work from 8pm - 12am. Typically, I would be tired from work so I wouldn't normally work on my school work late at night but there were some times where I'd stay up most of the night to finish my work and to get as much done.

Overall, this was truly a positive experience not only for me, but for my family. They saw me blossom with this program, and I am forever thankful I was able to finish my high school career with this opportunity. I truly have succeeded because of taking sixteen classes online. Not to mention, but I also graduated from high school one month before my classmates back in my high school did!

As stated above, I am forever grateful for this opportunity I was given and I would absolutely recommend this to ANYONE because if I was able to do sixteen classes, anyone can do it."
-Warsaw High School

Former student receiving his diploma from his administrator.  They are shaking hands and both smiling.