Teacher Tips for Students

Ms. Judge, Business

Keep in touch with your teacher. Just because you don't see them face-to-face, doesn't mean they aren't real people! Your teachers love to help, answer questions, and provide information to help you. Don't be afraid to email us. We love to hear from you.

Ms. Cook, Science

Communicate with your teacher! They want to help you succeed!

Ms. Bennett, English

Create a calendar for yourself. Stick to the calendar and if possible, try to plan your schedule with fewer assignments to do over school breaks and enjoy that time!

Ms. Staiger, Social Studies

Know your completion date. Make yourself a calendar and create a "class time" to work on your course during the week. In this way, you will be able to avoid the stress of trying to catch up at the last minute.

Ms. Maine, Music

Make a schedule for yourself! It is easy to get behind in this format, so it is really important to keep up with your work!

Mr. Pale, English

Always feel free to ask for help. That is why we are here!

Ms. Frauel, Social Studies/Driver Safety

To help develop a routine, establish a set time to work on your online course and stick to it!

Ms. Hoobler, Science

Pacing is important to prevent getting overwhelmed at the end. Follow the due dates and schedule set times each week to work on your course.

Ms. Cobos, Mathematics

Plan your time. Setting weekly goals will help you stay on track.